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How long to let a puck dry before closing the container?

This is something I've never given any thought to before now. My one hard soap is a Stirling. I load from my brush from the container, screw the lid back on and store it.
I've been sealing up my Mühle sea buckthorn about 30 minutes after loading from the puck, for about 2 weeks, and I've noticed this funky puke scent from the puck. It went away when I started letting it dry out more.

Had the same problem with MdC original.
My soaps are in coffee mugs so I leave them open constantly. I have the Tabac in the milk bowl and I leave that uncovered all day after using it, putting the lid on when I visit the bathroom before bed, or the next morning if I don't use it again.


I let it sit open for 30 minutes and then partially cover with the lid leaving about 1/3 of the puck open to the air and totally seal it up 6 - 8 hours later.
Tabac and MWF are in glass jars with lids that simply rest on the top and are not air tight; I assumed this was to allow the puck to dry between uses. Old Spice is in mugs which have loose fitting lids, if they have lids at all. I suspect those soaps are intended to be used regularly, and not part of a large rotation of soaps only used every few weeks or months. If I were going to seal a soap for a lengthy period then I would ensure it was dry and no moisture was present in the container, 24 hours would be plenty. I might also question if I have too many soaps 🤣
I have both those and really like those type of lids.
I usually let my soap dry overnight and close it up the following morning. Never had a problem. I also have several soaps pressed into ceramic containers with lids that allow them to breath. That also seems work but some of the scents have faded a little.
i leave it for 24 hours. I do use some toilet paper to wipe off any lather remaining on the puck immediately after the shave. Leave it for 24 hours then close it up.
This ensures there is very little moisture left sitting on the puck before closing.
I rinse off any lather/clean the bowl, pour off the water, then let it sit, lid open overnight then lid and out away the next day. It should be noted I use my soaps one at a time, so that same soap will be used again in 2-3 days time.


I had one soap go bad. It got all mushy to the point where I could not use it. I don’t know if this happened because I put the cap back on while it was wet, or due to some issue with the soap itself. But since that day, I leave the cap off for an hour or two until it’s reasonably dry. When I go back into the bathroom, I take a peak, and if I it looks dry I cap it and put it away. I don’t leave soaps uncapped for very long, as it makes them lose their scent strength over time.
If I’m using the same soap the next day, I just loosely set the lid back when I’m done shaving. If it’s time to rotate, I let it dry until bedtime when I close it up and put it on the shelf.
its a fine balance between not wanting the soap to go moldy (has happened to me) and not wanting to lose scent strength. I rotate a few soaps each season and with the pandemic i dont even shave every day so my soaps can easily last the whole season and then get put away in storage until the next time they are "in season".
I used to close them up immediately even wet and to be fair most of them did just fine, but when a couple of the artisan softer soaps went bad i started leaving the puck uncovered all day.
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