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How long does shaving take for you?

The title says it all. We talk about a moment for ourselves, taking care, a nice multisensory experience... but how long does 'shaving' take for you? Let's say from the moment you've picked and assembled your gear to the moment you and the gear are finished. Not counting time for showering etc. Just the whole shaving part.
I guess I'll have to time it myself too.
I take about 15 minutes, and I like to take my time with it.
Music in portable speaker and a relaxing shave is my way of shave.
Add 10 minutes total for pre shave gear selection and post shave cleaning, drying and putting stuff back in the drawer.

So, total 20-25 minutes of complete shave session.
I can put a rush to it, but I'd rather not shave than have a rushed shave.
Probably 7-10 minutes I'd say. When I was learning it was most likely around 30 minutes. I'm fresh from the shower, no pre shave, fast/easy lathering soaps, 2 1/2 passes, cold rinse, aftershave, clean up. I use mostly three piece razors which are faster to clean/dry and face lathering also saves time. I'm not in a hurry. Slow makes steady and steady becomes fast.
I keep a Feather popular and some brushless cream in the shower for when I’m in a rush. Maybe adds 3 minutes to my shower routine. At the other extreme, when using Da Fat, a straight, and multiple passes: maybe 20 minutes?
5-15 minutes, depending on the day. Sometimes I am in a hurry, but on Saturdays and Sundays I usually take my time, especially if I am using a straight razor.
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