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How long do you wait after a slice?

I have been a DE shaver since last October or so. However, I was lured to the sharp side and started with a straight about a week and a half ago. Things were great and I don't think I even had any nicks, until last night. I became careless and was going too quick....a little bit of a saw motion and I saw the telltale red line, a little over an inch long. It wasn't too bad and I was able to stop the bleeding with a styptic pencil. I really want to "get back into the saddle" and shave again soon, but don't want to worsen my cut. How long do you guys wait after you've sliced yourself?
I just recently started with a straight. Was using cartridges up until now. My first shave a couple weeks ago I gashed my chin good. Bled like crazy and had trouble stopping it. I finished my shave but it kinda scared me. Two days later I tried again. As long as a decent scab covers it I don't feel a nick will be worsened unless you get careless with it. Plus chicks dig scars.
I usually just wait a day or two, but it will take a little bit longer to heal completely. On the bigger nicks more like three days. Your face will tell you when it's ready. Just tread lightly around that area if you have to shave. A little antibacterial cream will help it to heal faster and will help ease the scaring. It might not scar at all. You might get a better response in the sub forum, straight razor shave clinic. More straight shavers hanging out there with lots of tips and advice. Welcome to the "sharp side". I've never looked back but it does take a while to get the hang of.
I shave the next day after a cut or nick. I would never skip a day shaving. I'd feel well... unclean. I shave carefully around the cut until I'm sure it's healed and flat again. I put a little daub of antibacterial ointment on the wound if it's slow to heal.
Those red lines heal quickly, so I never really waited.

This. Even a fairly deep slice from a straight, I'll just work around it carefully, and when shaving that specific spot, I'll avoid going in the same direction as the original cut.
Example, my "usual" spot for a cut is the top of my cheek just below my left eye. I'm holding the straight with my left hand, and it's just a bad spot with my nose in the way.
So the cut is always "with the grain"... it's at the very beginning of the stroke, moving down.
The cut has lifted the flap toward the chin.
The next couple of days, I will avoid shaving WTG over the cut.. it'll just get a quick ATG and that's it.
My beard grows slow and my wife prefers a scruffy look :) so I shave only twice a week Wed & Sun I shave with SR and if I cut myself I still stick to my rutine 2 shaves a week.
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