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How Long Did You Lurk?


Probably not Al Bundy
About a month or so, although I was familiar with the site going back a few years from previous searches. I remember running across a thread on here a long time ago when I was researching Old Spice A/S where someone had analyzed vintage Shulton, current P&G, and the Vi-Jon dollar store version of Old Spice via gas chromatography. I thought, "whoaaa...these dudes are serious"


George Bailey Fanboy
Probably about three weeks. Like many others I kept getting hits for B&B when I'd do searches about DE shaving. After a while I figured I was better off asking real people for information rather than an algorithm. After a fashion I ponied up a little and contributed to the B&B kitty. The advice and camaraderie here are second to none . .. well. and @FarmerTan, of course. The man is practically B&B legend!
There is no "practically" about it my friend.

I have been a legend in my own mind for YEARS!

I honestly can't remember a time when I haven't been in need of a healthy dose of humble pie.

And as long as there are folks like @TexOkie Shaver on here I'll get my medicine!

It's Hedley

Never gave it a second thought, I jumped right in and haven't looked back. I was armed with a newly acquired Edwin Jagger de89, a tub of Proraso Green, a cheap wooden brush from Amazon and a bottle of Pinaud Clubman. I was looking for a better shave and possibly save some $$$ on shaving gear. A few thousand dollars later and I'm still lurking. :thumbup:


I think maybe a week or so. It kept coming up in searches and seemed a lot more friendly than the motorcycle forums I was used to. The interface was/is so more user friendly than those other forums as well. Mind you I’m on my cell 99% of the time.
I first discovered the forum about 10 years ago and have consulted it ever since. But i didn't have the time to read it thoroughly. I read it more in the last 5 or so years and i registered only recently that i had ample free time. I accuse this forum for most of my purchases even before i registered! :001_tongu


Moderator Emeritus
One day. I did some research to find a source for a cream I had used up and the search engine brought me to B&B. I then started looking at the various subforums and spent a few hours perusing the site. There were so many subforums that interested me. I posted a photo of a vintage Hoffritz shaving brush and got into some interesting messages about it. The next day I returned and spent more hours on the site and then joined. And that was 11 years ago.
Just reading some threads there gave me the heebie jeebies...
All very technocratic, correct and totally devoid of fun and fooling around.
Here It feels friendly with an ample portion of good natured egging on. The only thing that is a bummer are all these nice BST threads with CONUS only.
I actually had a prior account "linty" lurked for a while, and away, then cameback, forgot my credentials and has to make "linty1" that you see now, my first razor I beleive was a pif from a member here. Went out myself to grab a tube of "Kiss my face" lime, and a hobby was born. (thats how they get you, give you a little taste lol). I forget who pif'd it to me, but am forever grateful.


On and off for a few years. Wetshaving wasn’t really a “hobby“ for me until last year and I was happy with my antique store Vintage Gillette razors, Omega brushes, Astra SP and Dorco blades and handful of inexpensive soaps.

I saw a few interesting soap and razor reviews on Reddit, started being active there then soon after found B&B (which I greatly preferred).
I definitely used this forum as a resource when I started using a DE razor about 5 years ago, and when I found what I needed at the time, I stopped, and happily kept to my Merkur 34c and Parker shave soap. Then about a year ago, I wanted to try a different soap and started lurking. I joined in January. So, One year or 5 years depending.
Probably a couple months.
I regularly visited two or three other sites to see which I wanted to join. I only wanted to join one and seen little advantage in joining several.
This one seemed the best for information, content, etc, etc.
I think I lurked here for a couple of months and on another shaving forum; hadn't decided between DE razors or straights. So glad I did join B&B; I have learned so much, developed friendships with a lot of B&B'ers, and have been having a great time with my wet shaving adventure.

(I even like @FarmerTan, but don't tell him I said that. He'll grin and make his incredibly handsome face that much more handsomer)
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