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How Long Did You Lurk?

Summer of 2016 (mid July) was my first venture into traditional shaving, having purchased my first brush,
razor, DE blades, and soap. (A big Thank You ! to Jared at Superior Shave and the folks at WCS for guiding
me back then.) I "googled" traditional shaving, immediately found this awesome website, and officially joined
on July 31, 2016. So, I don't think I lurked for more than a day or two. And Gentlemen, I have to tell you all,
it has been an absolute honor and pleasure being part of our wonderful Badger & Blade community ! I am
usually on our site a few times every day, and I love every single minute of my time here with you all.
We are, indeed, probably the best community of fine gentlemen on the internet. THANK YOU !!! :thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:


"Just Call Me Billy"
BUT: I do remember that within SECONDS of joining up I had an invite to join the "Hall of Fame", and that REALLY impressed me. Made me feel like I was REALLY welcome.

And while I KNOW I drive some of youse folks nuts, I HAVE ALWAYS felt welcome here. It is my daily oasis.

The few folks that are unable to be kind seem to weed themselves out, by realizing that they should reign themselves in, and then refuse to.

But seriously, tho I really don't go ANYWHERE in cyberspace but B&B, I lurk on FakeBook once in awhile, and former friends and family are not as vile as they once were, but are still vile enough to keep me away.

About a year... I was active earlier (a bit) in a German forum but the atmosphere was not very forgiving and rather aggressive towards newbies for asking “dumb” questions... I like it better here...
Just reading some threads there gave me the heebie jeebies...
All very technocratic, correct and totally devoid of fun and fooling around.
Here It feels friendly with an ample portion of good natured egging on. The only thing that is a bummer are all these nice BST threads with CONUS only.
Probably about three weeks. Like many others I kept getting hits for B&B when I'd do searches about DE shaving. After a while I figured I was better off asking real people for information rather than an algorithm. After a fashion I ponied up a little and contributed to the B&B kitty. The advice and camaraderie here are second to none . .. well. and @FarmerTan, of course. The man is practically B&B legend!
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