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How Long could you go Without Buying More

How Long could you go Without Buying More shave soap-shave cream should the shavepocalypse hit.

I think I currently have about a two years supply. I do have my eye on some additional shaving soaps though. Just in case
With the soaps and creams in my rotation not to mention backup pucks I would have to estimate about 10 years give or take. That is if a puck lasts on average 3 months and a cream 2.
I am sorely unprepared for the shavepocalypse! I try to keep my rotation to two creams (Proraso, AOS lemon) and two soaps (Tabac, MWF). Although I have a La Toja stick on the way (if it ever clears customs).
Not long enough.... still new to this and so only have three soaps and one cream... but the other question is do you have enough blades stocked up to go with all of this soap? Once again I do not... probably six months max...
Probably 3 years if I am economical with my 20 Palmolive shave sticks and some spare shave soap/cream.

I probably have 10 pucks of soap, a handful of sticks and a few creams as well. Probably 3-4 years worth.......
About 5 yrs worth but looking to increase that. Got a couple of soaps I want to try out. Good thing my wife is an enabler for all this.
At least 3 years, could be as much as 5, I'm not quite sure as I've yet to finish any one thing off.

I'm embarrassed to say that I have 3-5 years of stuff, too. :blushing: Conservatively.

I am seriously understocked on blades, though. I think I only have a year's supply.
I have 6 creams (nearly all new) and a few soap and cream samples.

I'm done for awhile. I'm more concerned about the shavepocalypse making blades unavailable than creams.
I'm in the 3-5 year club right now. When I get from Lisbon in April I'll probably be in the 5-8 year club! :thumbup1:
I would say 10 years at least. I have enough blades to last me about 4 years. I went a little overboard getting into this hobby. I'm now on a much needed sabbatical.
The fact I have some difficulty coming up with a figure suggests I already have too much! I was going to say three years but then remembered I have four soaps and half a dozen creams which are yet to be used in addition to everything else. So maybe four years would be a better estimate.
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