How long before beard oil?

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    Alright guys, time to update :).

    Have narrowed down what works best, and is the same as I described previously. Do one drop for the ‘stache, then 3 on the fingertips through the beard (more for the skin). Finish off with 2 in the palms, to coat the hair itself.

    Now, after brushing, it looks a bit bushy. Looks much better say, in the morning (not sure if it’s because sleeping mats it down, or the additional facial oils help). Not sure if they’d classify as “flyers” or not, will try to attach a pic. Length is cut to 1”.

    Would balm help this? Not sure if it looks “bad” or not, may be perfectly normal for a beard. Just makes me feel like it’s unkempt is all lol.



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  1. Balm definitely does “tame” the beard a bit more than oil. Some balms are softer and some are harder. With the harder adding a bit more control to the hair.

    Softer - Badass Beard Care, Honest Amish, Artius Man.

    Harder - Beard Booze, Grave Before Shave, Topher’s.

    Badass Beard Care and Honest Amish also sell a beard wax I believe. Happy hunting. Cheers.
  2. And Honest Amish is now available at my Walmart! Their heavy duty is more like wax, but you probably won't need it at that length. BUT, it does look fine. Quite normal for a full beard. Your "fliers" become tendrils like corkscrew dreadlocks from the neck later on down the line![​IMG]
  3. Hey guys,

    May try growing a bit longer, and see how it goes. Figured I’d update this thread instead of starting a new one...

    Is there a certain length where you guys would recommend balm vs. oil? LOVE the GBS products, so would go with them if I do switch. As I said a few replies above, have always had curly/wavy fliers if grown longer, makes me feel like it’s unkempt.

    Right now, I wash with their shampoo twice a week (Sun and Wed) and oil daily (in the evening after a shower). If I do grow longer, is that sufficient still?

    Last, is there a good way to trim it? Lol
    Have been using a Wahl clipper at 3/4”, but the guides only go to 1”. Not sure WHAT to do by hand...

    Sorry for the dumb questions, new territory

  4. Joe -- FWIW, see below for my response to your questions...

  5. I used Coconut oil once, other than that I have never used anything special for my beard, but I would like to.
  6. When it gets to what you consider "unkempt" would be a good time to switch to balm, or actually a few weeks before that so that it starts to become "trained". Brushing frequently can help as well.
  7. Great questions. This is the type of thing I struggled with the first time I grew a beard and wanted it longer than my trimmer allowed, but didn't want it to be unkempt.

    What I do is comb it down, then manually cut away hairs that stick out past the rest of the pack with a pair of scissors made for grooming. Comb again, cut, and repeat. It's a slow process, but it helps keep the mane from getting too unruly. Then I'll apply some beard balm, comb it in, and see if anything still sticks out. Those then get cut. While I apply balm daily, I trim roughly one or two times a week. I initially bought a cheap pair of grooming scissors at Target to start with to make sure I was happy with how it turned out, but lately I've been thinking about upgrading to something a little more robust.

    Hope that helps!

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