How long before beard oil?

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    Some more great advice @carharttguy. I forgot about the brushes and combs. I’ll use the boar brush for a shorter beard and use a comb and brush combo for longer beards. Bad *** Beard Care has a great kit, the Loaded Caddy:


    Oil, balm, boar brush, comb, and scissors. Great starter kit.
  1. Very good advice! I have a Big Red Beard Combs pocket comb and mustache comb to carry if I'm not working and use a Wave brush from Wally World for after shower smoothing and oil distribution.
  2. The Caramel Mocha and Gentleman's Blend both sound very tempting. Hmm... might have to try them. Do both scents last awhile or do they disappear rather quickly?
  3. I get hints of it here and there up to 4-6 hours after. They’re not too strong though. Awesome scents though, highly recommend.
  4. Wasn't planning on purchasing any more beard oil and was only going to use my jojoba and vitamin E oils. May just have to now. Thanks, Mullen88.
  5. Not a problem. Lol. Always glad to help. Check out Bossman Beard Jelly too. The Magic scent is awesome. Cheers.
  6. You're killing me, Mullen88! :) Need to save my money for haircuts. Just messin' with ya! In all seriousness, I'll have to check out the products you suggested. Thank you.
  7. My pleasure. I hope you enjoy whatever you pick up. Cheers.
  8. Just ordered some products from both GBS and Bossman. Thanks for the tip. Looking forward to receiving everything.
  9. Awesome. I really enjoy Bossman’s Beard Jelly, Balm, and Fortify (the conditioner). Haven’t tried their oil yet though. Enjoy.
  10. Hey guys,

    Been experimenting for a few days, and just wanted to check back.

    Should the beard feel wet or oily at all say, 30 mins to an hour afterward? Doesn’t leave any obvious oil on my skin when I touch it, just feels different than it used to if that makes sense. Lol

    Upper lip always feels dry (may just be winter), so I’ve been using ~1 drop in the mustache alone...then 3 rubbed into the beard skin with fingertips, then 2 rubbed into my palms for the surface of the beard. Too much, or?

    Thanks, sorry for the dumb questions

  11. The beard will feel different from when no product was used and it sounds to me like you’re on the right path. I really don’t think you’re over applying and with more experience you will become efficient with the amount your beard can handle. Keep up with it and you’ll be a pro in no time. Cheers.
  12. Awesome. Thanks for the reassurance, Mullen!

  13. Happy to help.
  14. Joe,

    I agree with Mullen. Just keep at it and you'll find the right amount of oil to apply to your beard. I have also found it can vary from day to day -- depending on weather conditions. My beard never feels wet, but at times it may look shiny from the oil right after applying it. I just take a towel and blot it -- problem solved. I personally like my beard to have a slight "shine" to it, but nothing major. Keep adjusting the amount and very soon you'll get the hang of it.
  15. maclean3

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    You're getting great advice so. One thing I've noticed is, oil is really good at hydrating my beard but it doesn't do a whole lot to tame the fliers. When I started using a little balm after applying the oil my beard looked much neater and well groomed but still completely natural. I kept my beard trimmed to 3/8" for the first couple of months until I decided to let it grow out longer. At that length I used around 4 to 5 drops of oil - applied one drop at a time using my fingertips. One drop under each side of my jaw and maybe a couple under my chin where my beard is thickest, then combing upward to distribute and brushing it back in place. Really no right way to apply it, this is just what works for me. And yes, wooden combs are MUCH more comfortable than plastic, they don't snag and pull whiskers.

    I ended up growing mine out to just over an inch but it started looking too bushy and wild for my taste. I recently trimmed it back to 3/4" and it suits me better at this length. Regardless of the length though, I never really needed to adjust the amount of oil or balm I use. If it looks like I've put in more oil than I meant to I just use a little less balm. Good luck finding the routine that suits you best. If you have any questions about specific products, I think @Mullen88 owns around 90% of what's on the market. :biggrin:
  16. I use it after every Shower.
  17. I apply my beard oils directly to the skin. The oils I use come with an eye dropper type cap and I use a whole dropper full for my entire face. Once I've done that I massage the oil into my skin with my fingertips. Healthy skin makes for a healthy beard. Plus as you brush you'll pull the oils from the skin down your hairs. I use a dime size amount of beard balm in my palms and wipe it through my beard and stroke it length wise to keep the flier hairs under control. Boars hair brushes are awesome. Don't over brush your beard or brush it at the end of the day when it's dried out. If the brush pulls when you brush your doing harm to the hairs. It should pull smoothly through like after a shower, you'll lose more hair break less strands as well. A good trick is drop a few drops of beard oil in a boars hair brush once in awhile to keep it oiled so ifs not pulling oil of your beard as well. Don't be afraid to wash your brush occasionally too. Boars hair pull a ton of dirt and debris out of hair. Keep growing !! :)
  18. Damn nice beard !
  19. Thank you sir! It cleans up alright sometimes. Just doesn't get near the attention my wet shaved head does anymore...

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