How long before beard oil?

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    Hello gents,

    Have read a few threads here, but nothing specific to my question. So, how long should a beard generally be before requiring extra care, such as washing or oils?

    Mine is as long as I’m going to grow it, and I keep it trimmed with the 16mm guide on my Norelco. Naturally, it feels a bit dry and “rough” after showering, but by morning is a bit softer. This is sort of new to me, had a beard for years before but kept it at ~1/8”...

    Currently I’m washing my face with the Wife’s Olay regenerist cleanser, works great. Then moisturize with her St Ives cream. I don’t purposely use either on the beard though, wash around it and let just the water do the work.

    Please advise, thanks!

  1. I'd suggest starting with beard products at around 5mm growth, maybe even earlier. Depends how thick you beard is. You’re definitely ready if you have 16mm of growth.

    If you’re serious about your beard care I’d pick up some oils, balms, shampoo, and conditioners/softeners. You can pick up samples to try out different scents from different brands if you’d like, probably a good place to start.

    Here are some brands to check out. Most offer everything listed above.

    Badass Beard Care (great products),
    Bossman (their Beard Jelly is awesome, so is their intense conditioner),
    Beard Booze (shampoo is wonderful),
    Beardbrand (great oil, shampoo, and softener),
    Grave Before Shave (amazing scents),
    Grey Beard’s (their Green Stuff is amazing),
    Beards and Beavers,

    That should be enough for now. Don’t forget the beard comb and brush.

    Happy bearding.
  2. I've been growing a beard and mustache for 40 years.

    Maybe someone can explain to me the need for anything beyond,as with your hair,shampoo and occasional conditioner.........
  3. I use beard oil when it gets long enough to need brushing or combing, or when it starts to itch. Beard oil is not just the best conditioner, but keeps the skin below in good condition too (especially if brushed with a bristle brush, to clear the dead skin)

    I make my own beard oil with fractionated coconut oil (50%), jojoba (25), and argan oil (25). I use the same mix to make my own moustache wax, by melting in white beeswax pellets till it reaches the right consistency.
  4. Thanks guys!

    Do you shampoo daily, or? Same product as your hair, I imagine? Currently trying H&S itchy scalp.

    I don’t really comb or brush mine, just straighten it out with my hands or a towel when out of sorts lol. Not overly thick like some, but consistent (if that makes sense).

    Thanks all,

  5. Do you shampoo daily, or? Same product as your hair, I imagine? Currently trying H&S itchy scalp.

    I don’t really comb or brush mine, just straighten it out with my hands or a towel when out of sorts lol. Not overly thick like some, but consistent (if that makes sense).

    Thanks all,


    Joe -- the others have provided you with good advice. Now to answer your shampoo question... most guys don't shampoo facial hair daily. Three days/week is more than sufficient unless you sweat a lot or due to your job conditions (e.g. very dusty environment, environment where hair would absorb odors). In a pinch, hair shampoo would be okay. However under normal circumstances, you should use a product designed for facial hair because facial hair is different than the hair on your head. Conditioning facial hair after washing it is important -- conditioner, beard oil, balm, etc. I've been bearded for about eight years. I've used Bluebeards products for cleaning and conditioning after I first grew my beard, but now use Honest Amish. I'm a big beard oil guy. Have bought beard oil, but found it to be cost prohibited. My ritual is to shampoo my beard twice/week with Honest Amish beard bar soap. It lasts forever. Not wild about the scent, but it doesn't last long. Every morning I use four drops of both jojoba and vitamin E oil. Jojoba oil is an oil closest to a body's natural oil. Again, I'm not wild about the scent, but just haven't found an essential oil that I like and want to mix with the carrier oils (jojoba and vitamin E). I massage the oil in and then brush it with a badger brush and I'm good to go. Before going to bed, I massage three or four drops of just the vitamin E oil into it. Keep in mind, the number of drops of oil will very on the length of your beard and your own body's natural oil system. I have very dry skin and have found those amounts to be best for my skin and beard length. Inserted a pic of my beard for you to compare my beard length to yours. Good luck!
  6. Great post @carharttguy.

    If you look at the ingredients of many beard oils they would be relatively easy to make at home and adding essential oils for scent is simple as well. May make a batch up someday myself.

    As for the shampooing and conditioning, I only do this twice a week with dedicated beard product. Haven’t tried Honest Amish shampoo but I have the premium oil and balm so I may have to pick a bar up. Cheers.
  7. The Nid Hog

    The Nid Hog Moderator Emeritus

    I think carharttguy gave you the bottom line on what you have to be doing. Wash it every other day or so, unless it gets dirty. Use beard oil or balm if you like. Some jojoba oil, argan oil, whatever is easiest for you to get. If you want to try commercial oil or balms, go for it. The same with shampoos and conditioners. This is B&B, after all. We're always about the excessive. But you can be a minimalist and do just fine.

    Personally, I like trying out the different oil, balms, and waxes, but I don't think I'll go as overboard as I did when I started wetshaving. If I had to stick with Honest Amish stuff for the rest of my life, that would be fine. I'll use shampoo and conditioner if someone gets it for me, but I don't think I'd buy it myself. I do like beard wax. I'm at about 4 months of growth now and my beard has a lot of white in it. It helps to keep things under control.
  8. Thanks guys!

    Bought a shampoo and oil last night, supposed to arrive tomorrow. Based on Mullen’s list, I went with Grave Before Shave for both. We shall see what happens :).

    The shampoo is supposed to moisturize on it’s own, but I’d imagine I’d want to oil right after showering? Or better in the AM? I shower in the evening, if it matters...

    Carhartt - your beard looks similar in length, maybe a bit longer than mine. So I’ll start with maybe 3-4 drops of the oil?

    Thanks again everyone,

  9. Great choice. Which scent did you get? My favourites from GBS are Cigar Blend, Caramel Mocha, and Gentleman’s Blend.

    Yep, oil right after showering. Some brands actually suggest applying to a moist beard, not wet, just slightly moist.

    I personally shower in the morning and night and apply beard oil after each.

    Hope you enjoy your products.

  10. Cigar Blend is what I went with, figured it’d be a sure win. :)

    So I’d assume it’ll absorb rather quickly? I keep picturing a greasy pillow! Haha

    Thanks again,

  11. Great choice.

    It does absorb well enough that the pillow isn’t stained. And I’m pretty conservative in my application, a little goes a long way. Enjoy.
  12. Depends on how often you wash it, and what you wash it with. If you wash regularly with soap or a shampoo that isn't targeted to beards, then you need it at any length. It's just the amount that changes. I would say even if you are using good beard shampoos and conditioners, even a short beard can benefit from a touch of oil. Keeps it from getting itchy.
  13. Guys,

    Received all product today, and wanted to update.

    Used both the GBS shampoo and cigar scented oil, and LOVE them both. Scents are amazing, and feels great.

    Not to sound dumb and be the guy who asks 1000 questions, but any tips on applying the oil? Beard is a touch shorter than Carhartts, and I used ~4 drops of the oil as I’ve seen in many videos. Seemed to not go very far thoigh, almost like my hands absorbed it. Bottle says a dime sized amount, but that goes against everything I’ve read and watched. Any advice? Palms or fingertips preferred? Good ways to work it in?

    Thanks a lot guys, this board is great!

  14. Awesome. Glad you like them.

    I put the oil in my palms then rub them together and apply to beard in upstrokes and downstrokes making sure to penetrate to the skin. If you think 4 drops isn’t enough add more bit by bit. You’ll know when you’ve added too much. Cheers.
  15. You'll get a feel for the amount pretty quickly. I use Mod Cabin products for years now and when using their oil I would use 7 drops from the eye dropper. Granted, I have a little bit of beard.. Picked up some Cremo Unscented oil on clearance the other day at "the Walmarts" and have to use almost double! I've actually adapted my night time (after shower) routine and put the oil in a bit of beard balm, mixed it up in my palms and apply and comb out before bed. I LOVE their Amber resin beard soap and have been using it ALMOST daily as needed. I'm a mechanic/farmer/wood worker/fat boy, so a sweaty and dirty beard is almost always a daily thing.[​IMG]
  16. Thanks JB. That is an epic beard!

    Guess it’d be obvious if there’s too much, just not sure how to tell if there’s ENOUGH. Experimenting it is! Lol

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  17. Joe,

    My technique for applying beard oil is the same as Mullen88's above. However, I brush it with a badger brush after applying the oil. Sounds like you got some nice products! Prior to growing my beard, I was really into shaving with straights and a few DE's. Bought too much stuff back then so now I'm trying to be more of a minimalist when it comes to beard products. Play with the amount of oil that works for your beard and skin, and adjust from there. Here's a pic of mine shortly after applying the oil this morning. Probably cannot tell from the pic, but it's not oily at all. It's all about finding what works best for you...
    WP_20180209_09_11_24_Selfie[2662] (7).jpg
  18. Thank you sir! Indeed, experimenting will get where you need to be. I always apply all products with a damp or wet beard and the right amount will leave a little sheen but not feel wet once "dried in." I'm a thick, curly, wiry and dry beard, so mine screams when there's not enough![​IMG]
  19. Wow -- nice beard! I was never able to grow that much. This pic (sorry it's so grainy, you get the idea) is from less than two years and is the longest mine ever got. After a lot of complaining, went back to my current length. Congrats on yours!

    P1050232 (4).JPG

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