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How it’s made! CNC machine cutting out a slant cap.

Yes, it looks to be a water based coolant. Commonly used products such as Hysol MB 10 are use in a 5%-10% solution to water. Side-by-side Kurt Angle-Loc vises, also a standard of the industry, in use to clamp the product being machined. Those chips are the result of some pretty serious hogging, must be a fairly rigid machining center.
Yes, I would enjoy a video :thumbsup:

Over 30 years ago I ran a tube/solid shaft auto cut-off machine that used this water soluble oil. I don't remember the exact name(might have been Hysol then also) and if it was the same as you mentioned but I remember it was made from animal fat and when diluted it turned to milk like what you see in the picture. What I hated was when it sat in the catch tank for a long weekend it would get that rancid smell to it. I also remember cleaning the finer shavings out of the bottom the catch tank that would have a bad smell also.
We used to use an organic coolant. It quaglated and the oil that leaks in it gums up. It would gwt thick and nasty and stink. At least the water base stuff we use now only stinks and doea not turn to sludge lol
I've got three slants in my bag.
RazoRock 37 German
Parker Slant
And the @Above The Tie with both the OC and SB
Of the three the ATT is the best. Not too aggressive, but super efficient. Just a smooth shave.
Note: I haven't forgotten about getting you back the missaligned H1 baseplate. The Mil Post Office is still having issues due to CV-19. Which is starting to get old. Can't retire until I can send my stuff back to the States.
Most of our machines that ran water soluble coolant ran 24/7. The ones that sat had recirculating pumps to keep the rancidity down.
We only ran that machine 24/5 so it would sit weekends. We would shut down for 2-3 weeks at the end of the year through the holidays. If I remember we would empty the tank out and clean it good. The rest of the year we just cleaned the sludge out and added more to it since there would be a slight loss with that went out with the parts.
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