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How is was this image even approved by Gillette's marketing?

Taken from here:
It's like the beard is not even getting shaved by the razor.
Expecting to remove a several days growth with just a wtg pass with a mulltiblades is just fanciful thinking.the space between blades is too narrow for that growth.
To be fair looks a lot like I remember cart shaving especially when you think "I'll just get one more weeks shaves" because you don't want to spend the €20 on four new carts
Taken from here:
It's like the beard is not even getting shaved by the razor.
Beardie shaves neck, what's the issue?...
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Those MKTeers sometimes are dumb and don´t have a clue of what they´re selling and to whom.. This is from my country Gillette website posted as a review of the Skinguard, can u see what's wrong?

Ok, this is the wrong part


The best person that I relate is a guy who puts his game nickname on a review...

They used to make a better job IMHO

Captura de pantalla 2020-10-12 074944.jpg Captura de pantalla 2020-10-12 075100.jpg

It's all about marketing and not for respect to the long established institution of the clean-shaven man. You see a preponderance of grubby & unshaven younger people out in public knuckledragging their way thru life - viola an instant market for the product, and an advertizement that it's more fashionable to clear out that grubby neck beard.
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