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How is Old Spice these days?

Just like the title says: Considering revisiting Old Spice (haven't since the 80s)--so these are my questions:

How is the A/S? Did I see a cologne spray? How is that? Someone mentioned somewhere "Made in India" is good--anyone know?
I wouldn’t waste time on ordering it from India. It’s still pretty good from the drugstore. Vintage is great like you remember it if it says Shulton on the bottle. Hard to go wrong no matter what you buy.
I sniffed it last week. It smelled ok, but didn't thrill me. Bought Skin Bracer instead.

I think the Dollar Store Old Spice versions smell a little better.
I still like it. Has changed some, but lots of "vintage" is still to be found in flea/antique shops. I keep stumbling into enough older stuff I haven't tried India yet.

I agree, either search shops or spend a bit extra coin and get some online. Shulton old spice is awesome, as well as Avon spicy. To me family dollar spice runs a distant 3rd but still a decent spice. I have many ounces of all 3 and love them all!
I like the new stuff OK. It's not as spicy, and bit more powdery smelling, but it performs as well as an OS AS should.

I used to not like it at all, but I did like the Vi-Jon Spice. Then I started liking P&G OS, and I've acquired about 30 to 40 ounces of vintage OS at antique stores. Now, I mix them to get good spice from the old, and the nice powdery smell from the new.
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