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How I stopped worrying and learned to love Eucris soap

I've got a puck of Eucris soap in a bowl few weeks ago in addition to Eucris ODT and after few attempts to
lather it got so desperate that I even wrote a help me message on this forum. I followed a tutorial
"how to make a good lather from the soap" from t to l and still lather was thin airy and full a of small bubbles.
I've got many responses on my help me letter and I was advised to abandon a tutorial ( shaken-squeezed brush with almost no water
and move to Marco's tutorial for soft soaps - more water (only shaken not squeezed brush). I was also advised to load it for a full minute
and lather vigoriously. I did this and myself and all the bathrum was covered in a thin airy lather with no hint of cushioning or creaminess.

I wanted to call the vendor and ask him to exchange the puck, but then I read that Eucris is a bad soap and it's almost impossible to get a good later from it.
Well I thought at least I have a nice black bowl with picture which matches the EDT bottle and smelled nice.

Well today morning I didn't do the follows :

1. I didn't follow any tutorials,
2. I didn't pout a tea spoon of hot water on top of soap and let it sit for a minimum two minutes
3. I didn't load for a full minute
4. I didn't turned the bowl upside down while loading
5. I didn't use a lot of water whlle lathering
6. I didn't soak my brush
7. I didn't say any spells or prayers

Here what I did.

I put the brush under hot water and shaken it. I load it for 20 sec or so on absolutely dry Eucris soap.
I put some hot water into the scuttle without measuring it (may be a table spoon may be less I didn't measure).
I start lathering and in a very short time with no efforts and without pains in my wrist/hand/shoulder from being a human concrete mixer (like in previous times with Eucris soap)
I've got an excellent thick creamy lather without annoying small bubbles and with a great Eusris smell.

Go figure


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Prolly took that long to remove 'the skin' from your soap and now its ready for business!

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