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How Effective Is Clubman?

So I'm really starting to enjoy the scent of Clubman. I take a whiff every time I go in the drug store. I know a lot of guys on here really like using it. How effective is it as an aftershave? I've heard there is some burn, which I'm alright with. I'm not expecting it to fix a bad shave but will my skin feel refreshed after using it? What do all you Clubman fans have to say about it?
I consider Pinaud Clubman to be the "King of After Shaves". It smells great, and performs extremely well. It may not have glycerin or other moisturizers, but my face always feels great afterward, definitely not dry at all. I think my 4 year old put it best when I put some on him, and he told me, "I smell like a man!". This is definitely made for a real man.
I've been using it for decades, but I use it as a cologne instead of an AS. For me the most effective AS is a splash of witch hazel followed by a splash of Osage Rub.
I always found that using Clubman for a while helped to clear any blemishes on my face. And I don't find it nearly as drying as other affordable aftershaves.
I found it nice after cutting it with water, but it was very effective at driving my wife away... i drew weary of the scent after a couple days.
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Looks like I need to pick some up for Clubman Friday's. How long would you say the scent sticks around for?
I just picked some up on Monday. It's damn cold here, and although not necessarily drying, it's definitely not as moisturising as Captain's Choice, for example. Smells great though.
I love it. Cannot say enough about it. Use it daily and I love the scent, which hangs around most of the day. I think it works great but with one caveat ... I agree with blindmouse that it is not as moisturizing as other stuff out there. My solution is to use it in conjunction with an unscented balm.


Smells good. Women like it, more so it seems than "Axe" or the plethora of metrosexual fragrances glutting the community. Has a refreshing sting after a shave, priced right....and it is the same product my ancestors used for decades before me. Really?? How can you possibly go wrong with a bottle of this stuff ???
I was on the fence for a while. Its the most used AS now. Everyone says I smell manly when I wear it. I find if I get a good shave there is very little sting. When the shave is a lil rough it does help to heal. The scent hangs round for most of the day.
I've been using my Clubman in rotation all week. Clubman (IMO/IME) is a standard for me. "Effective"? Yes. A little bit of alcohol burn but not as much as other splashes. It refreshes and soothes and I like the fragrance. That's all I'm looking for in any AS.