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How Does The Badger & Blade Decant Club Work?

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Welcome to The Badger & Blade Decant Club.

Joel came up with the concept of The Badger & Blade Decant Club (BBDC) for the reasons listed below.

1. Enable members to vastly expand their fragrance selection.
2. Enable those with limited funds to enjoy the best fragrances available.
3. Remove reservations for trying some of the finer fragrances.

Prior to Badger & Blade my fragrance selection was sparse. Who wants to take a chance on purchasing an entire bottle of cologne only to find out it smells like a wet badger. A 100ml bottle of cologne will last a lifetime and can be extremely expensive.

The BBDC has enabled me to expand my cologne collection and even try some that I never would have purchase only to find out I really enjoy them.

Here’s how it works:

Phase 1 - Nomination: Each month a thread is opened up for all members to nominate a fragrance they would like to see decanted. Fragrances with multiple nominations are designated by a numerical factor within parentheses behind them. The nomination period lasts a couple of days.

Phase 2 - Voting on Finalists: After the nomination thread has been closed, the top nominations are placed within a poll which members can vote on the selected finalists fragrances further narrowing down the selection.

Phase 3 - Posting Availability of the Winning Decants: The winning decants are posted for sale in limited quantities. The fragrances and quantities offered are at the discretion of the moderators. Members contact the moderator that posted the availability list to reserve a bottle of the cologne. Requests are made in the tradition of gentleman’s honor – payment will not be asked for until decants are ready to ship.

Phase 4 - Decanting: The bottles of fragrance are purchased and decanted into 5ml and 10ml atomizers.

Phase 5 - Ordering a Decant: To purchase a decant, email me with the fragrance and size you would like. Please make sure the phrase DECANT REQUEST is in the subject line. Your member name must also be included in the body of the email. Orders made via PM or without a member name will not be processed.

Phase 6 - Payment & Shipping: Payment is accepted in the form of Paypal & money orders. Once decants are ready to ship, members are contacted to send payment for decants they reserved. All decants ship via USPS with an exception of our international members – see below.

Neighboring and Overseas Countries: Badger & Blade is an international site. Because of this, decants are not limited to the continental U.S. but be aware additional shipping cost may apply. You are responsible for know what your country's shipping policies are.

All future shipment to CANADA must be via UPS as the Canadian postal service regards all decants to be a dangerous substance and refuse to ship them via ground or air. To date they have confiscated two decants of B&B cologne - insisting they must be destroyed! :wink:

An excellent resource to find out more information on the fragrances listed is www.basenotes.net/directory.

:badger: With all that being said, join right in and participate in The Only Decant Club Available On The Web Offered By Wet Shavers For Wet Shavers! ENJOY!!! :badger:

The Badger & Blade Mods.
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