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How does PIF'ing soaps and creams work?

Hey folks - got some stuff I want to PIF off, not because I don't like it or anything, but because I already have about 2,000 soaps and creams and I want to ask for new goodies for Christmas!

Like an almost full tube of Proraso Red cream, or some Col Conk Bay Rum soap (in these 2 cases, both seem to slightly irritate my skin, that Proraso Red is strong stuff!)

Does the person receiving the PIF pay for the packaging or shipping, or is that covered by me as well?

And if covered by me, what kind of envelope or box do you guys send them in? I'd be using Canada Post

Thanks for any answers, I have learned a lot from these forums so I figure it's the least I can do, instead of chucking the stuff or letting it sit forever

Cheers !
You normally pay for postage within your country, some people when PIF internationally ask to split the shipping cost with the recipient if he is international.
Box wise I can't help you, I PIF things in a box that fits.
Your PIf, your rules. Just be explicit in the beginning when you announce your pif so people know what they are signing up for. If your goal is max participation you'll probably want to foot the postage.

Not sure about your Canadian postage question.
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