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How Does One Shave With A GEM/Ever Ready 1912 SE Razor? Tips On Technique From Colleagues Needed.

At this point however, I can only report that the SE ASRC 1912 shaving system is the best wet shave I have encountered, and has given me remarkable results. After nearly 10 hours my face is still glassy. Not the slightest stubble re-emergence. The only minor drawback appears to be shaving immediately under the nostrils. I will create an angle based workaround for that.

I will be exploring other ASRC products as a result of this. I suspect GEM style SE shaving is more efficient than the DE system...

I can't explain it - and I'm only a beginner, but after only 6 shaves on my first blade (4 with Guiding Eye and 2 with 1912) I've had a better experience than any of my DEs. And it's more fun too!
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