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How does one find a local shaving shop?

So here's a curiosity: I don't know how to find a local purveyor of shaving supplies (high quality creams, brushes, and the like).

On the surface, this is absurd. I have found suppliers of out-of-the-way music, curious cooking ingredients, and obsolete technical parts, but I can't find anyone locally who might sell Taylor's, Trumpers, Vulfix, or anything of the sort. It's made even more amusing because I'm in Albuquerque, NM, just a few miles away from Col Conk (makers of glycerine shaving soap) but can't find a dealer that even carries them!

Anyway--where does one look? I can always go the online route, and I do for many products, but with something like this (where smell, heft, feel, etc matter), I'd really rather see them in person!
after seeing knoxcigars lineup online i did a search of cigar shops in my area, of the 30 or so i found maybe 10 had a website, 1 had shaving goods listed (merkurs and some soaps, going tomorrow!). had i called all 30 i bet i may have found 2-4 more that carried shaving goods, apparently cigar shops are not a bad place to start your search. just tip, good luck
A very good question, vputz. Trying to find local retailers can be a little disheartening and very time consuming when you don't have some good points of reference. Some of the places that you might consider checking:
Pipe Tobacco / cigar Stores
Higher end dept. stores
drug stores & grocery stores (nothing high-end but usually something interesting)
local shopping malls (often times you can find a Crabtree & Evelyn or some such place)
Target - Proraso
Health food stores
Cutlery / knife shops

I'm sure that the members here could put together a pretty impressive list of the different places that they have found shaving paraphernalia. There are a surprising number of places out there which from the outside looking in, would not appear like they would carry anything of interest but, in fact, do. As an example of this: Enchante (CAR's store in Austin, TX) would appear to be a women's bath & body type of store. Upon entering the store, however, you will find an amazing collection of soaps, creams, razors, etc. I guess what I'm trying to say is, sometimes you have to take a chance and look.

I hope that at least some of this info proves helpful to you. Good luck.
I find the best way to identify a potential local shave shop is to talk to someone who owns/operates your local high-end fashion store. Those people are usually in the know. Also if there is a certain brand you are looking for you could always go to their website to search a local retailer. Chances are that if they carry one brand, they are more than likely to carry others.
Try a men's "Spa" or if not specifically a men's spa, than one that offers services to both men and women. They usually offer facials and manicures and have men's shaving products.

The other place you might check or ask is at an upscale athletic club. Exclusive athletic/health clubs will usually employ a guy who does hot towel, straight razor shaves. If he doesn't sell products, he could at least tell you where to shop locally.
I'll be heading to Albuquerque later this week and wanted to see if the original poster (or anyone else) had found any places that would allow us to indulge in our obsession :biggrin:
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