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How Do You Wash Your Face for Shaving Prep?

Before shaving I splash hot water on my face with my hands. To wash my forehead, nose, and rest of the nonfacial aspects of my head I use soap, hot water, and a wash cloth. It is totally separate from shaving.

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Usually in the shower. Sometimes at the sink. Always with my hands.

I have fairly dry, moderately sensitive, somewhat prone to irritation old man skin. I've tried all sorts of soaps and such.


The soap I use to wash my face is the Cube. The Tube I use as a preshave. Really great products which have made a significant difference to my shaves without damaging my skin. You should try them in my opinion. Big upside. No downside. Not expensive.

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Both products are the same except the Tube doesn't make my hands slick.

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I keep my face wet the entire time I'm in the shower. I just use body wash and my hands to wash my face before exiting the shower to shave.
I know a lot of guys still use a glycerin soap to wash their stubble and use as a pre-shave. Others hair conditioner. I like PAA cubes.. something about that activated charcoal as works great.

I'm that guy. I use a scrubby boar brush and a glycerin soap, usually Col Conk Lime, to face lather. Then I wash it off with very hot water and a terrycloth wash rag. Repeat twice more.
I use to wet my face with water and rub some soap with my hands and wash my face (still do occasionally) .Cheap soap in the eyes is not fun and creates redness because they are irritated by the harsh soap hand bar soaps. Wash cloth works ok as long as it is dried out after use or it goes to a mildew scent and so I stop using wash cloths in the summer months many years ago because the forced air heater is not in use and found my wash cloths were drying to slowly.
The best method I found and the cheapest is use a dedicated synthetic Yaqi cashmere 24 mm soft brush knot with CeraVe hand bar cleanser and load for under 10 seconds and just brush wash the whole wetted face with this mild face soap(1.5 minutes to clean your face properly).
It has to be the most relaxing and best cleaning I have ever gotten with anything out there so far, it might even be better than the hot towel cleaning feeling because you can clean with any water temperature you like IMO. I have been using this method for 2.5 years and it works well as long as you use a synthetic brush because it dries quickly. CeraVe with a brush will kick all the suds a fellow needs.
Then I rinse my whole face and leave the beard are damp and apply a dollop of Clear Aloe Vera gel to the cleaned beard area for total hydration of whiskers.
I even had a shave with just CeraVe soap and worked OK if a person wants to leave it on the beard area like some already do. CeraVe has good lather qualities if applied a little pastier will shave well for a seasoned shaver IMO. These simple products do not gum up my shave gear either, might have to clean the brush every once in a while from facial oils and dirt.
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Have some great shaves!
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How do you men wash your faces in preparation for shaving? Do you use a wash cloth or your bare hands?

When I was a young man I used my hands. Then for many years I used a wash cloth. And now I'm using my hands again Using one's hands seem faster and somehow more efficient.

Specifically, fill basin with warm water. Splash water generously over face (and forehead). Lather bar soap in my hands and apply it to face and forehead. Hand rinse. Repeat process, and then lather and shave.
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