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How Do You Wash Your Face for Shaving Prep?

Depends on how my skin is feeling but I usually use a purpose made face wash as they are less harsh and drying on the face. Wet face with water, apply face wash and work into the skin. Rinse off. Done. I usually wash my face at least once a day but if im not using a face wash, i'll still rub water into my face and then rinse off to make sure its clean.
CeraVe Moisturizing Bar with hot water. I just rub the CeraVe on dry, wet it with lots of hot water, then let it set to hydrate my beard. After a few minutes, I lather up without rinsing. Works for me, both as a cleanser and a pre-shave.
I started the thread. Half of you guys are misunderstanding my question. I don't care about the method of your prep or the brand of your soap.

What I wanna know is how do you wash your face, with a wash cloth or with your hands?
I wash my face with CeraVe then start my lather.

On rare occasion I add a hot towel for a special treat! :a29:
I use the day's non shaving brush to lather up with the Old Spice bar soap. I let it soak for 3 to 5 minutes, rinse, lather up, and then shave.
I use a face wash and/or a facial scrub. I apply these with a facial brush. I either use a soft dense synthetic face brush or a scrubby horse hair facial brush.
I’ve been experimenting with many various face washes and scrubs lately. Today I tried a Stirling Pink Clay facial bar soap applied with a brush and I really like the results. I have normal/oily skin.

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I usually shave before or at least separately from taking a shower, so most of the time I wash my face with the Walmart version of Noxzema cleansing cream. Let it sit on my face while I start to get soap on my brush and then I rinse most of it off and take the brush to my face. I really love that Noxzema camphor & eucalyptus scent.
I never shave after shower. I splash hot water (with hands) on the face, as hot as possible. After that wash it with a bar soap. Not every soap is suitable. I need one that doesn't leave creamy or slippery or greasy residue on my skin. Rinse with hot water and face lather.
...with...the Walmart version of Noxzema cleansing cream...I really love that Noxzema camphor & eucalyptus scent.
That is really good stuff and it costs around $2.75 for the large jar! Ironically, it's more like the old classic Noxzema than the current name brand Noxzema is. Also good for sunburn and insect bites, etc.

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