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How do you use an adjustable?

How do you use an adjustable razor?

  • One setting throughout the shave.

    Votes: 42 57.5%
  • Increasing gap with each pass.

    Votes: 6 8.2%
  • Decreasing gap with each pass.

    Votes: 25 34.2%

  • Total voters
I know I’m in the minority here but I do usually change settings with subsequent passes. This let’s be open her wide up for the WTG where I can remove a lot of hair in the least skin sensitive direction. Then I scale down XTG and down again ATG where my skin is most sensitive. When I do this I get consistent BBS results with zero irritation.
Pretty much what I do. When I first got the Slim I went up in settings with each pass, 1-3-5. After a few years I tried starting higher and lowering the settings, and that worked much better.
... I wonder how many that buy modern adjustable razors (with different plates) actually change out plates during their shave?
Probably none - they find the one they like and leave it be.
With my Rockwell 6S, and depending on the blade, I either use plate 4 for the initial pass and plate 3 for the last two passes; or plate 3 for the initial pass and plate 2 for the last two passes.
Also, consider this. Most of us have way more than one razor and those razors range from mild to aggressive. If we have a lot of growth we are more apt to grab an aggressive razor. If however we need to shave again soon for an event, without much growth, we are more likely to grab a milder razor. Well I also use my adjustables in that regard. I dial up for two days growth or more, and down for one day of growth.
^^That's typically about what I do. I may vary the setting based on hair growth, or simply because I want a quick & easy shave or something a bit more aggressive.
Gillette adjustable I start at 5-6 two passes, if I still have stubble and want a good shave will do AG at 7-8.

Schick M I use fixed at 7

Progress: start 3.5 x 2 passes, up to 4.5 for last.

The ones you can change plates I do NOT consider adjustable and will just use one plate for all.
I used one setting throughout the shave.
I use each blade for 30 days; when using a new blade for the first week, I will keep it at a low setting to reduce irritation, and gradually increase the setting as the number of days of using the blade increases.
I tend to dial down atg or just leave it. Also depends on the razor.
Currently I have 4 and a 5th in the pipeline
Qshave Futul
Parker Variant
Gillette Super Adjustable long handle
Gillette Slim (unusable now)
Snmirn (futul mk2, on order)

And so far all these prefer a different blade.

But I go on cycles sometimes months one razor (usually a pivot se) and then back to de for some time to keep technique in order.


I started off using only one setting, thinking the more experienced I get, I could increase the setting by another count on the next shave. After that, I decided to start higher and reduce the setting after each pass, to prevent irritation that the previous passes could have increased the probability off. Now, I tend to lower the setting by 1 or ½ only on the last ATG pass. My method on how I use an adjustable is bound to change, so, I think the only "correct" way is whatever you feel comfortable with at the moment.
How is one lucky enough to find that many Gibbs? I'd love to have one, but they seem rarer than hen's teeth, even on French ebay. I don't have the time to sit on all the auction sites waiting for one to pop up.
It took quite a while to find them... :)


My adjustable collection (in random order):
Fat boy
Super (long and short)
Merkur Futur
Merkur Progress
Parker Variant
Rockwell Model T
Rex Ambassador
Q-Shave Parthenon V1

Multi plate:
Rockwell 6c (6 varying levels)
Occams DE (3 varying levels)
Karve (i have 4, but there are plenty more available)
Above The Tie (3 varying levels)

I won't include the Eclipse or Acension or the Old Typebecause that's not really adjustable to the extent of the above.

With the multi-plate razors I simply choose a level and shave with that and do not adjust mid shave. With the dial adjustables, my usual method is to start mild and open it up for subsequent passes. That's something I picked up here on B&B and it seems to work very well for my shaves. When I first started using an adjustable it was simply select a level based on how long it was since the last shave.
How is one lucky enough to find that many Gibbs? I'd love to have one, but they seem rarer than hen's teeth, even on French ebay. I don't have the time to sit on all the auction sites waiting for one to pop up.
I saw one on auction on eBay a few days ago. I’ll have to bite the bullet myself one day and learn to trim the blades. I also have my eye on the Gibbs Replica being developed by Heritage Collection, if it ever comes to fruition.
I have only 2 of what I'd call adjustables - a Progress and an Ambassador. The Progress is my travel razor. I have Karves and ATTs but never thought of them as adjustables, but I guess they are in one sense.

I wonder how the traditional adjustables were marketed? I remember seeing ads but don't remember much about them. I thought they were pretty cool but didn't have a lot of growth when I was 5.


I learned to shave with a Slim and have always had a soft spot for adjustables.

For me, the advantage is that I can try various settings to determine which works best for me. Once I figure out ‘my setting’ then that I where I leave things. That’s what works for me anyway! :clap: :clap:
I leave mine on one setting, though when I change to a different type blade and don't get a good shave I will experiment until I get it dialed in!

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