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How do you take care of shaving razors?

Guess I'm funny. I treat my DE's like tools. Loosen the cap, rinse in hot water, shake dry and blow as much air over the blade as my lungs will allow. Then scrub with a toothbrush every 4th or 5th blade... maybe.

Now my straights... I treat those like Excalibur.
I subscribe to the philosophy the light cleaning often prevents the need for deep cleaning, and avoids the pitfalls of severe damage from neglect.
With a safety razor I will rinse in warm water, and wipe down all areas of all three parts with a soft cloth, lightly working at all of the little cracks and crevices. And adding a drop of camellia oil to the handle and head threads sure doesn't hurt.

I feel like safety razors and straight razors are the classic cars of the shaving world. Which would make a Mach-3 a 1998 Honda?
Classic cars really benefit from proper care and maintenance, but the joy of driving them is worth it.

Does that also make stropping a straight razor like working a hand crank on a car?
Every day I feed it hot water and lather, let it eat all the stubble it can find, give it a rinse of hot water for dessert, and leave it to nap until tomorrow. It's a lot like having an old bird dog.


Remember to forget me!
Rinse it in the mug, just as I do during the shave, then dump it in the beaker with my toothbrush. Done. No dismantling, disinfecting, polishing, greasing, or any other mollycoddling. It's a zamak razor too.

When I change the blade, typically every 10-14 shaves, I might clean off the soap scum. I'll clean the blade too, as sometimes it can just be flipped, and give another run of great shaves.
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