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How do you store your decants?

I'm building up a small collection of decants. For most frags I store them in the original box, but I'm not quite sure how best to store all these small bottles. What are you guys using?
I keep mine in a shoebox in a cool place with a couple of my bottles. I store them upright, but with sample vials, I tend not to bother. Those are mostly in a plastic bag in the shoebox.
Are they deep enough? I have some 10ml decants and those bottles can get pretty tall.

Not always, but not all cigar boxes are made the same. Just don't get the flat boxes, but something like an Arturo Fuente Flor Fina or an Upmann Robusto. My local tobacco shop sells them cheap.
I bought a few acrylic organizers from Target. They were in the bath section mistakenly labeled as "makeup" organizers when they are clearly decant organizers. I keep these and my full bottles in a closed wardrobe so they're not expose to light


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I like this idea for storage of samples, but it would be nice to be able to read the labels. I have been searching for months to find an ideal way to store my samples and decants which would also allow me to quickly spot what I was looking for. The closest I have gotten was display cases for minitures, but the price is rather steep. http://www.displaygifts.com/product/item.php?category=13&item=92

I currently have my samples stored in the little pouches I have gotten from places like Lucky Scents and Perfumed Court which I then keep in a leather case. I think I will try the ammo boxes until I can find something better. Ordered one of these for samples and one of these for small decants, both of which shipping is included at Amazon. Depending how they work out, I may order more.
but it would be nice to be able to read the labels..

I put small labels on the top of the decant, using 3 letter abbreviations for the names, at least for the ones where the containers are otherwise not distinguishable. Then I can keep them in a box in a drawer, and select by looking at the tops.
How about a fishing tackle box? I have mine in a container for screws- the compartments are the right size for decants.
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