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How do you set up your sink?

I feel like I have too many things on the sink in my bathroom. Between deodorant, hair gel, toothpaste, toothbrush,all my shaving supplies, and mouthwash I'm wondering if I need to put some things away. How much do you have sitting on your sink and how much do you have put in cabinets that you just go get it when you need it?
I just bought a smaller one brush/one razor stainless stand, I moved my other stand to my desk. I like looking at my razors and brushes, but it's not good for them to live in the bathroom. I keep my toothbrush/powder next to it in the corner of the sink. I have a plastic tote thing that I took the lid off that is right under the sink that I keep everything I am going to use that week. Sometimes I am lazy and keep a couple small bottles out next to my razor stand, they tend to fall over under the sink. Nothing should really stay in the bathroom over a week without being rotated out so it doesn't get humidity damage, in my opinion. I have larger totes for my soaps, aftershaves and hair products. I have a nice Nanuk case that I keep anything not on my desk.
There tends to be a good bit of bathroom paraphernalia on the counter. My stuff is all together but isn't necessarily the only stuff on that side, depending upon what things my girls are doing. I do exclusively occupy the two drawers on that side which is where most of my stuff lives. I really don't need all that much counter when I'm shaving, just enough for my brush, soap tub, and razor. I really need to figure out some kind of organizer or something for the razor drawer because most of them are just packed in together. It's times like these that make me wish I had a 3D printer so I could create a custom storage solution.
I have the trays like @Wogus has. I also have this simulated marble tray for my weekly gear on the sink counter. I keep four soaps a couple of balms, brushes, shave bowl. I put the razor I am using for the week in the bowl. I keep some AS splashes on the other side of the sink. My wife wants me to install some shelves in the bathroom to display some of my gear.
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I keep as little as possible at the sink where I shave. My "shaving stuff" in current use I keep on a small tray atop a dresser in an adjacent (dry) bedroom.

I detest the look of clutter, even "good clutter."
I keep as little as possible at the sink where I shave. My "shaving stuff" in current use I keep on a small tray atop a dresser in an adjacent (dry) bedroom.

I detest the look of clutter, even "good clutter."
I also like the sink minimal. Bar of soap on the left, lathering bowl, (central mixer tap), razor rinsing tub and razor on the right.

When not in use, I keep my razors and blades in the dry. Balm, aftershaves, styptic etc do form a light clutter on the bathroom windowsill, that could do with tidying up.


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My sink is in the middle of a 36" top and under a good sized medicine cabinet. On the counter are my electric toothbrush and WaterPik and two shaving brushes in holders. Everything else goes in the medicine cabinet, two tubs of Martin de Candre, my razor, a big bottle of 4711, hairbrush and comb, and a tuck of blades, the other ninety of which are in a drawer.
I utilize as much of the drawer and cabinet space as possible with sliding drawer organizers for the main cabinet. Anything I would want on the sink goes instead inside and on a skinny corner cabinet stand off of Amazon that stays out of the way due to how thin it is. The only thing on my sink is my shaving setup, hand soap, and a pair of small plants to fill up the corners. I make clean up and putting everything I took out back a key part of my shave routine which leaves my bathroom feeling very zen each time I use it.
I have a "side cabinet" next to my double sink vanity in which I keep my razors blades, soaps and aftershaves. On the top surface of this cabinet I keep my brushes. Typically nothing is left on the vanity itself.
I use two strategies:
1. My ’back-up’ kit, ‘back-ups for the back-ups,’ etc. goes in the shop.
2. Gear that is ‘in rotation’ goes in the cabinet under the sink.

The only exception is brushes which ‘dry’ on the counter top.


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I have a very large walk in closet in the bathroom. The closet has a large built in wall cabinet with shelves that go almost to the ceiling, all the way to almost the floor.

Razors are on one shelf and brushes are on another. Another shelf holds a few mugs and other shaving paraphernalia. Another shelf holds my seasonal aftershave rotation. I keep the few soaps and creams I have in a bathroom vanity drawer. :)


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My sink all set up and ready to go. Chinese synthetic brush, alum stick (never used), tallow Tabac stick, Pears Transparent (India) face soap, bay rum/witch hazel mix aftershave, sponge for blade, shaving towel and SR. Strop is hanging on the door knob.

Although I have too much of it, I don't like clutter. My shaving stuff remains in the cabinet when not in use. All my dental care items and deodorant, etc. are also in the drawer or cabinet.
I keep it as simple as I can at the sink, it's a little hard as it also has a few of the kiddos stuff, but that's mangeable. I take and restock from a shelf in my dresser.
The only thing I keep out on the countertop is my brush that is drying. The rest lives in my shaving stuff drawer underneath.

I'm not at all worried about humidity hurting anything, as my town is in an extremely dry climate.

That's it. The long handle razor belongs to my wife. I use that Fasan daily and once in a while the Old Type which was my Grandfather's. The Lubriderm is what I use for AS. The other bottle is Dawn for my greasy hands I tend to always have here on the farm. The styptic pencil is over 10 years old now. I don't use it much, you see. :)

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