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How do you remove the spine off a SE blade?

Grab the end of the spine with some pliers, grab the blade with a second set of pliers, bend up and down a few times slowly,while gently pulling apart.

It's pretty simple, just use common sense and be careful.
Does it work with Valet razors then?
Depends on the model, some of the VAS razors have tabs in them so you can only use the Valet blades, others you can use these SE's with the spines ripped off, or use the feather spineless SE blades if you can find them.

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A quick pass of the spine edge on a grinding wheel makes it easier to remove the spine. It weakens it and makes a sort of hinge. Try that, if it is convenient for you to do so.
I have one of those tools from my Grandparents I think and I'm going to try it to see if it fits on my Valet, if it does that will mean no more expensive Feathers.
Just tried it with that tool and the spine comes off easy as

The de-spined GEM on the left and a well used Feather on the right & the razor. It fits but I haven't used it yet. Going to try it tomorrow morning just to be sure.


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The tool in the video is called, I think, a nipper. Anyway they have them at Ace Hardware, that is where I picked mine up.
The tool in the video is called, I think, a nipper. Anyway they have them at Ace Hardware, that is where I picked mine up.
Yeah, I've seen these nippers. My father had a tool like that for trimming a horse's hooves. Some are maybe for cutting nails or fence wire. I'm going to go find one.
As the spine is just crimped on either end into the recess notched in the blade, I just pry a thin blade in-between the spine and blade and carefully pry up on both ends - and it just comes off. No need for pliers or ripping them across a bench grinder or nothing... at least that's my experience.
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They come off very easily you almost don't need pliers, I think the spine is very thin Aluminium. I noticed that the blades are not exactly the same size but it doesn't seem to effect the function of the razor.
Of course now I have more types of blade to choose from and that has to be good news.:biggrin1:
You can do it without any tools.
I just took the spine off two in less than a minute. Just wedge one blade under the spine near the end where it's cripped and pry apart gently. Once it's loose the whole spine basically slides off.
Having said that, it's a much safer affair to use pliers or whatever gripping tool of choice you decide to use.
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