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How Do You Remove The Glue From Blades?

My method doesn't work for everyone sadly; purchase large supply of each blade you like, eventually settle on your favorite, and by the time you get to the ones with wax, the dots have dried out and are no longer present.

I still have blade supplies purchased 15 years ago.



Girls call me Makaluod
Blade glue spots were a big problem for me. So much so that I switch to traditional straight razor shaving.
Problem solved and better shaves to boot.
I just take a used blade to get the glue off the blade or if that isn't available I will hold the blade under hot water for a minute and lay the blade on a towel and fold the towel over with my finger inside and rub it off the blade... Both are quick and easy and don't hurt the edge at all.

Chan Eil Whiskers

Fumbling about.
Today I used alcohol and toilet paper. Followed it with hot running water. Did a pretty decent job.

I'm getting acetone and Q-tips.

Happy shaves,

I have never bothered about the glue spots either as they don't seem to create any problems.
Why would the manufacturers continue to use them on the blades after all these decades if they weren't a problem?
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