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How do you organize your shaving gear?

I've been at this for about 1.5 years, and during that time I’ve acquired 3 razors, 5 brushes, 4 liquid aftershaves, 3 balms, an alum bloc, one tub or Proraso pre shave, 18 tubs of soap (more or less) and 20-30 tucks of blades. Yeah, I’ve got it bad.

My wife and I have our own bathrooms, so my gear is spread along a counter and the soaps and piled high. I hate how it’s set up, and I’m curious what you fellas (and ladies) organize your gear. (A peek or my counter is above. It doesn’t show it all)

Does anyone use a pegboard?
What have you gotten off the shelf?
What have you made that’s custom?
What organizational tricks do you use for your brushes, blades, soaps, balms, etc...

Show me how your send are organized, and if there is a cost or plan around your stuff, let me know

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This is my setup, spice rack and some other misc. Items that I picked up at a Goodwill store.

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My modest collection for the most part fits inside and on top of a thigh high, 2 drawer, rolling filing cabinet. Razors on top, soaps in top drawer, AS in bottom drawer.


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One razor, brush, soap, balm etc is in the bathroom. travel washbag has what I need for when away from home.

In the bedroom, I have a recycled cutlery canteen.


Razors, hairbrushes, nail clippers and the like are in the top section, and spare blades, soaps and balms are in the drawer.

Scents are in a organiser tray in the wardrobe, along with ingredients for aftershave, beard oil, and moustache wax.
I keep all software in a couple of drawers around the house. My vintage razors I keep in this restored old store desk, where I fix one drawer up at a time as my ‘collection’ grows.

I don't collect it or display it and I store it in fairly unobtrusive but convenient ways. I have 6 straight razors that I keep in a wooden cigar box on the corner of my desk (home office).

I still had a wooden cassette tape "box" with clear sliding doors. I put this on top of the credenza on top of my desk. I keep excess double edge razor blades, hones, some excess soap in there.

I don't do it for display purposes. It's just convenient. I have a medicine cabinet in the bathroom and that's where I keep my DE razor, brush, some blades and some soap. Also in the bathroom I had a spare towel. closed "pantry" type of cupboard. Along with towels, one small area is used for the rest of my shave soap.

I prefer convenient and somewhat tidy storage to display of shaving gear.
You guys are nuts!

I just keep the creams, aftershaves and some blades in the bathroom. The brushes and razors are sitting on a towel in my bedroom.
Great question! My ‘everyday’ razor and (most) brushes go on the bathroom counter. Soap, blade and AS rotation goes in the bathroom drawers.

The KEY to keeping peace in the house is that back-ups, extras, back-ups in case they stop making my preferred products, etc. go in the shop (where LOTH does not venture)!:a29:
I use test tube racks to store my razors and my brushes are lined up in a drawer in my bathroom. The software is stored various containers.
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