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How do you keep track of blade usage

When my beagle barks at me three times, I change my blade. Spreadsheets, checklists and Pareto charts? KISS IMHO. Smh
I think DE blades are too cheap to worry about milking every last possible shave from a blade. Blades deteriorate with use, and if you keep going until the end of a blade's useful life eventually you will have an uncomfortable, degraded shave. My goal is to always have a good, enjoyable shave and never get to that "last one." I shave six days a week and use a blade for three shaves, regardless of manufacturer. I change my blade ever Sunday and Wednesday morning. Saturday is a no-shave day. It simplifies things.
My personal goal for using dice for my shaves isn't to try and milk the very last shave out of a blade, but only to remind me of how many shaves I have on any one particular blade as I have more than one razor in my rotation weekly and don't always follow the exact rotation each week.

I have 2 DE's and 1 SE in my rotation with the SE getting used every other day and the DE's every 4th day, but sometimes I may use the SE 2-3 days in a row because I just get such a great shave from it. This is where I tend to lose track of the # of shaves I may have on a particular blade in one of the other razors and the dice help me sort it out easily...
Here is the best way I found. I make a simple page in Evernote. I put it on the homescreen of my Android phone and my iPad.

What you are seeing is that I am on shave 6 of an Astra blade. This same form includes my thoughts on different shave soap, loading times, quality etc. A reminder goes off in the morning so I remember to quickly check off my blade use. Works great and is very easy.


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Here is my Feather, currently on shave 52.


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I like the dice way of doing things. But if I did that, our household help would end up moving it and I would surely lose track. That's why I have created the simple form in Evernote that I showed above. But you're dice look very nice too.

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Who cares? When it is shot I replace it. 1 shave or 10. Nothing says you have to finish the shave with a bad blade, change it and press on.

When my blade is shot, I replace it too. But sometimes I'm just curious how long the blade lasted, be it 1 shave or 66!

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When my blade is shot, I replace it too. But sometimes I'm just curious how long the blade lasted, be it 1 shave or 66!

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Exactly. That's why I like to track it as well. It's simply fun. It also has helped me improve my technique.

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I use a Sharpie to make a dot on the upper-left and lower-right corners of the blade, turning it when both corners have a dot on them on the same side. I have had as many as 2 or 3 dots in each corner when I get a blade that lasts that long.
I use an app - QTally - on my phone. I keep blades in all my razors and rotate a lot !!!

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For me I just write the blade name in small letters on a wall calendar... put the line marks next to it.
Crossing every 5th shave. Keeping it small so it doesn't mess up the rest of the calendar.
Just did shave #15 on an Astra blue today, so i'm in a good mood.
I just use a blade and kind of try ti keep track. Not really bothered with number or shaves from a blade as long as it feels nice.
def change_blade():
if today == "Sunday":
blade.replace (blade)
print ("Good job! You figured it out.")
Oldie but goldie, for me there’s no need for tracking.

„When a blade begins to show signs of dullness, lay it aside and take a new one. They are so inexpensive that it‘s folly to spoil a shave by using a dull blade, ...“
I am using this instead of dice method.IMG_20190519_035406.jpg a heat sink from computer power supply. I am also planning to cut the part having screw holes, and it will become a very nice looking blades tray. In above picture Gillette green stainless has done 1 shave and Ladas blades are at at shave no. 3 and 4. I can keep track of many blades by inserting in proper slots up to count of 10.
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