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How do you get your coffee at work?

used to take my aeropress and enough freshly ground beans for the day or whole and my hand grinder, heat up water in the kitchen microwave.
I think I may have said this earlier, but I got a Wacaco minipresso and have been making little shot from capsules. Its..... so-so? Dranken straight, its ok, when I pour water into it to make my americano its -very- disappointing. I'll prob end up stashing it at the back if my drawer (as in like desk cabinet drawer) for emergencies.

Back to the drawing board.


The Aussie Basshole
At work it is Instant Coffee all the way. Only have 15 minutes in our break time unless it is lunch when we get an hour. No place in the work kitchen for a stove. We do have a coffee pod machine in the lunch room but it never gets cleaned properly after use so I avoid it.
2pm and was feeling for one, didnt have my Clever coffee dripper so dug my emergency out: the minipresso mentioned above. Dranken as is, it does do the job. Will need to bring my other gear into work.
Update: I have gone back to the Clever coffee dripper/mini porlex and bring in beans in small batches (a small tin with tight lid). The minipresso/nespresso pods have been put to the back of my drawer at work as the emergency back up. This setup is a what works for me in terms of least moving pieces and getting decent coffee. Still would rather an americano, but this will do for now.

Maybe? I'll revisit the aeropress to see if I can get a stronger cup, but the issue there was sometimes I'll press into a paper cup, it'll buckle and explode. We'll see.

The journey continues.
I used to carry a small thermos and a travel cup. Two hot cups when I got to work, but now the wife doesn't leave the house until I do, so no extra coffee and I'm not making a half pot. So, the travel cup stays at work since it's spill proof. I work retail and we have a coffee shop, an employee refill, black is $0.78, something like a Moca is $2.00 plus. At least is really good coffee.
It used to be a K cup machine until covid and social distance policies. They cut off my entire department from the coffee! So I bought a drip machine that note lives on my desk.
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