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How do you drink your tea?

I find putting it in a cup, then using the cup to pour it down my throat works best, and creates the least amount of mess. I've heard some enthusiasts say lapping is the only correct way, but I don't notice enough of a difference in enjoyment to bother.
A friend suggested this to me once, but I found it simply went cold and the corresponding tongue-action needed meant it took longer to drink.

NATO standard: Milk, two sugar.
another take on the "lapping" thing is the slurp. take some tea then suck air through it so it sounds like birds chirping.. aparently its sposed to airate the tea and bring out flavors... i personaly cant be bothered.
i want a petr novak shiboridashi but trying to find them is the thing taht and having the money for one when i decide i want one.
i want a petr novak shiboridashi but trying to find them is the thing taht and having the money for one when i decide i want one.
You won't regret it - it's an incredibly versatile brewer/set. I got mine second hand (when I got the two cups) from a fellow B&Ber who was "trading up" for some newer stuff.
I like my tea with a healthy dose of snobbery. :lol:

Seriously, I usually drink my tea straight, although I sometimes add milk to assam or english breakfast tea. If it's black or darjeeling I drink it from a white china cup with a saucer. If its green, oolong or flowering tea i drink it from a tea bowl. If it tea has spices like chai or mint I use 5 cl glass cups with saucers.

This is bit on the speakeasy side, but sometimes I add some rum to tea. I find that the sugarcane flavour goes nicely with some black teas.

I usually drink it out of one of a pair of cups that I bought at a market in Kamakura about 20 year ago.
I bought two cups and a tea pot from there too. :thumbup:

Mugs are made for creating lather, not for drinking tea or coffee.
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I only drink home brewed iced tea and usually use Luzianne, which is a orange pekoe blend. I steep 4 large family bags in about half a gallon boiling water for 30 minutes to create a strong concentrate. Then I squeeze out all excess water and flavor from the bags and discard them and then pour into a gallon jug, add 2 cups sugar and stir. Once the sugar is dissolved, I fill the jug all the way to the top with ice and stir until the ice quits melting and toss it in the fridge...serve in a "big ***" glass or mason jar full of ice and enjoy. Good stuff...too much sugar? Pfft, this is the south, there is no other way. :lol:
I can't drink the same tea everyday...

Lapsang Souchong = strong with a spash of milk & stevia
Min-Pei Oolong = strong and neat
Ripe Pu-erh = strong with lemon & stevia (go ahead, nail me to the cross!)
Raw Pu-ehr = lightly brewed, neat
Rooibas = strong with stevia
Jasmine Green = lightly brewed, neat
Lipton (bagged) = strong with lemon & stevia
Williamson Lifeboat Tea (bagged) ( blend of English Breakfast & Kenyan) = strong with stevia
Russian Caravan = strong with stevia
Twinings Lady Gray - it's tasty!!!
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