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How do you drink your tea?

I cant help my self, I am hard core.

If I were to brew it though, I'd use badger blood rather than water. I feel as if it helps my shaves the next morning as well as enhances the flavors.
My lady got me onto:

- Black tea (any kind will do)
- Soy milk
- Honey

I must say, I was "sounds too hippie for me, no thanks" to start with. After trying a cup or two I was hooked for close to 3 years. I'm on coffee streak now. Heh.

Try it out, you might like it. The benefits here are that you get different nutrients from Soy than regular cow milk and you get the good complex carbs honey rather than simple carbs from sugar.

If I'm being civilised it is Earl Grey with no milk.

If I'm having a big English breakfast or slobbing about it is Yorkshire Tea, two sugars and sterilised milk.
I actually do drink a lot of tea. Usually various white teas with dried berries. Some naturally flavored green teas. Mate Vana here and there. Red tea isnt bad either. Either way, when I do brew my tea I use a plastic tea maker from TeaVana which just makes everything simple. Drop in the leaves, fill with water, and than place it over a cup to drain from the bottom and fill your mug. I left it at home for my mother to use (with the 1lb bag of mandarin green tea). At school I use my coffee press to brew and strain my tea. Of all the places I've tried tea, Teavana is my favorite. The teas are top quality. They are a little expensive but are completely worth it. Utmost quality. I would recomend visiting their website and ordering from there (Free shipping on certain orders I believe). Also, they package your stuff nicer when you order from the website vs. going into the store. If you do have a local store, there are always free samples.
I usually mix my tea. I start with two bags of green tea as a base, then move on the apple spice to give it some kick and then finish with pomegranite tea. I almost always add some lemon juice to my tea and perhaps honey if its the third pot from the same bags and they becoming a little weak.
Adding anything to tea is a capital sin deserving of divine punishment. And also by hurled rocks and pointy sticks. :D

I drink only loose leaf teas, single estate whenever I can get them. Use good clean cold water, bring to a boil, then use some of it to rinse and warm the pot and cups. Dump the water, add the leaves, and then add water to infuse. If an oolong or black tea, immediately dump this water as well to "rinse" the leaves and then proceed with standard steeping procedure.

For teapots I prefer Japanese side-handled pots and Chinese yixing pots, though the latter can get a bit expensive as you need a seperate pot for each variety of tea. Still yields a superior cup!
Iced and sweet. I live in South Carolina.

Seriously, though, I usually take my hot tea (most any variety) with a bit of sugar and sometimes milk.


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You were lucky to have newspaper! I drink mine with hot gravel!

Ah, I am happy to have gotten that one.
The best we could manage was to suck on a piece of damp cloth.

for hot tea, on my way to work in the morning, i found this coffee place that makes decent tea, but they have this moroccan black tea with mint which is just amazing, i usualy drink it straight with no sugar or milk,

i also bought some lime green tea for making ice tea which is quite nice on a summer afternoon,


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I used to think I knew a bit about tea. I was wrong. Never was a fan of black tea (the Starbucks of the tea world), but I've enjoyed many a green or oolong.

Now, thanks to the maniacs of this site, I've been introduced to pu-erhs, and there's no turning back. Karma, I guess. I must have a dozen en route. :tongue_sm
Am I the only one who uses an artificial sweetener? I prefer it to be a bit sweeter and shouldn't use sugar or honey.

I usually don't have milk in the house, so I don't use it, even though, "Tea without milk is so uncivilized" (Donald Pleasance in The Great Escape).

I tried a Republic of Tea Vanilla Almond today and I didn't need to sweeten it.
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If I'm drinking Japanese tea (green, genmai, whatever), I brew it in an old Japanese kyusu that my mother-in-law used for ages before giving it to my wife and I. I usually drink it out of one of a pair of cups that I bought at a market in Kamakura about 20 year ago.

If it's a nice English tea, we steep it in an old blue pot that my wife picked up somewhere along the way. Drink it as is out of whatever mugs are currently in our rotation. If friends or family come over, the nice china comes out.

Most days? Endless cups of PG Tips--teabag in the mug, a little half-and-half once it steeps. On a cold night, I wouldn't say no to a shot of Barenjager honey liqueur (hold the milk) in the cup.