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How do you dispose of your blades?

I use a tin can (meant for saving money). It can't be opened without a can opener and when it is full the whole thing can be recycled.

They come for around $1-$2.
I keep a pint sized Mason jar in the cabinet under my bathroom sink with a slit in the metal lid just big enough to pop blades into. I put epoxy on the threads before twisting the lid back on and voila, once it's full in the trash it goes.
My wife is a physician, so she enters a room with a "sharps" container about 50 times per day, 5x per week. Give to her, she puts them in, and they get disposed of properly.


I have a few nurse friends,when I have a nice load I ask them to dump my blades in the hospitals sharps box..
WOW !! Got home from work,turned on the computer and checked the thread expecting to see one or two responses. Thank you guys for so many great ideas and some comic relief as well. Thank you again!! The advice is great.
I have a slot in the medicine cabinet of my bathroom. I drop em in there since apparently that's what it was designed for. Thanks for teaching me that B&B !!!


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I got several of these from West Coast Shaving to bump my order up enough for free shipping. But these hold a lot of blades and last a long, long time.

Took the advice of some of you here. I had a few glass jars with metal screw tops.I wrapped some tap around the screw cap and used my k bar type knife to put a slit in it. I think this will last a while. Although those antique blade banks sure do look cool :)


I use a Blue Sky Natural Soda (Cola flavor) that my son bought in Tallahassee FL ... the opening on it just allows DE & SE blades to go into the can.

If I had animals or young children in my house, I'd just set it on a high shelf ...

... you know the shelf your wife can't reach and she always asking you to get stuff off it for her --- how does that stuff get up there originally anyway?

My youngest is 13, so if he wanted to play with something sharp, he can just grab a Santoku out of the knife block on the kitchen counter. Easier than jiggling a cola can!
You can buy sharps containers at some drug stores. I got one of the 2.5 ounce spice containers at a rummage sale, glued the metal top in place, and cut a slot on one side with a hacksaw. The blades just fit through the slot and will fit flat in the can.

Blades can be curved enough to fit into the openings of 12 and 16 oz. beverage cans. Drop it in, smash the can, and put it in the trash.

Use the plastic cans that lighter fluid comes in. Just cut a slot in the back. The spout opening is too small for the blade to to either go in or come out of.

If you use a container that was originall for something else be sure to label it so others will know what is in it now.
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