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How do you count your shaves on blades, soaps, etc...

Im always trying to remember how many shaves I've done with a blade or how many shaves I would do with a soap and just decided to search an app that would do it. Found a free app without ads to do it. Problem solved. It's for Android devices so you can find it on the playstore. It's called "thing counter" . Very simple. Im pretty sure the same thing exists for Apple devices.
I don’t bother.

I only use a blade 2-3 times so it is easy to remember how many times I’ve used a blade.

I would be interested to know how many shaves I get out of a tub or stick of soap or tube of cream, but I have never tracked it.

Brushes and razors? No point IMO. I guess knowing exactly when a brush finally works in could be interesting to some, but I don’t really think about it.
I know many people use a six-sided die, or dice, to keep track of the number of shaves on a blade. I don't that myself but I've thought about it. I suppose a ten, or twenty-sided die would work equally well if needed. Using an app seems a little "over engineered" to me, but use what works for you.
Honestly, I track my blade shave count by posting on here. Just writing about it helps me remember. I've forgotten the count a few times so referred back to here.

I haven't been posting as much as I used to lately and I've been forgetting how many shaves my blades have. :)
I use a tube of red lipstick. After each shave, I put a mark on the mirror. After four marks, I put a slash through the other four marks and know that I have completed five shaves on that blade. I then repeat the process for the next shaves.

After I decide that the blade’s useful life has been reached, usually when I cannot tolerate one more pull across my face, I retire it. I then count the number of groups of five and add in any additional counts that have not reached five. That tells me how many shaves I got out of the blade.

I keep a collection of the used blades in a picture frame. I mount each blade that exceeded the maximum number of shaves for each on all previous blades. I post the number of shaves on a small plaque beneath each blade. The top row of blades are those that occurred early in my shaving journey. These are the lower use blades when I was learning. As I gained shaving skills, I was able to increase the number of shaves on a blade, so the lower rows have many more shaves on them.

Of course other factors come into play which affect the number of shaves I get from a blade. These include the brand of the blade. The soap I use. The extent of good prep. The razor used, etc. The goal is to fill the picture frame with a history of my shaving journey and to show how my increased skills allowed me to maximize the usage of the blades.

Some may think that I kind of over thought the process and made it too complex. Others may wonder why I chose to use a red lipstick and mark my progress on the bathroom mirror. Wasn’t that messy and difficult to clean. All are good questions.

Well, I don’t disagree. That’s why I planned it out so thoroughly and then decided that your questions definitely would have merit. I resolved those conflicts by discarding my great plans before starting and have never really counted the number of shaves on any blade. I use them until I don’t. Discard them when I change to another one. No rhyme. No reason. I just enjoy each shave for what it is.

I use the KSS principle. Keep Shaving Simple. Enjoy. 🤡🤡
Check my prior posts here, like @Kyle89. Although for me it's pretty essy with two razors, two brushes, two soaps, and three kinds of blades. With a third soap on the way I'll just have to build a database.
I keep blade usage details in my teeming brain: two-to-four shaves and it's out. Pure whim determines my soap and splash choices. Nothing else to think about, really, except for the zen-like relaxation of the shaving act itself.
I recently bought a set of metal Dungeons and Dragons dice that includes (iirc) a 6, 8, 12, and 20 sided die. Since I'm currently switching multiple blades through multiple razors, each die follows a particular blade. Problem is, I sometimes go past twenty shaves on certain blades, but the D&D also has a "count by tens" die, so I should be good on at least one extended use blade.
I have an Excel spreadsheet with my usage of soap, aftershave and straight razor usage (for honing purposes). I don't track blade usages, as my memory is good enough to remember what I used in the last 5-7 days
I use the Shave Buddy app mirroring the data in a spreadsheet since the app is pretty useless for tracking certain metrics.

It’s amazing how useful it is to track all aspects of a shave, not just the amount of shaves on a blade. There were a few products I perceived as substandard products from memory, but the hard data indicated otherwise, requiring a last go around for verification. I now use a few of these products regularly. Being objective is really beneficial most of the time!
I keep my blade under a dice I made in school metalwork classes 50 years ago and which is one of my most precious possessions. I never turn the dice over so I have no idea how many times I have used the blade. I suppose the fact that I cannot be bothered to turn the dice over means that I do not care. I just use the blade until I fancy a change or it ceases to provide a good shave.
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