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How do you carry your gear?

Just curious how you guys carry around all of your vaping gear? I've already figured out that carrying a box and tank requires a little more care than a pack of smokes and a lighter. And most weekdays, I haven't had the need to bring out any more than that. But on the weekends, whether I'm out hiking/fishing, or cruising through the city with my buddies, I have noticed a definite need to have a couple of items on hand. What I would like to do is be able to carry a spare 18650 battery and a loaded tank for those evenings bar hopping or for days at the park/beach. I'm hoping to find a wallet type deal that I can slip in my back pocket. Any ideas gents?

Prof. Moriarty

Not sure for carrying cases though. Maybe get a smaller device with built in battery such as an m80 with an Aspire Triton when it's released. Then just take some extra juice and a micro USB charger
Yeah as I look online, I'm starting to think the same thing. I might try to mess around with something like an altoids tin. At the least I figure I can get a battery and a small bottle of juice in there.
At pretty much any given time, I have two setups in my pocket. If I'm working around the house, I usually wear carpenter jeans, so one goes in each side thigh pocket. At work, they go into my body armour vest pocket. And when I'm dressed up, into a random suit jacket pocket. The two I carry are a Cool Fire IV, and an Eleaf Mini iStick, both with Aspire Nautilus Mini tanks, with a stainless replacement tank. I don't worry about them, they are pretty sturdy. And why do I carry two? because it's very easy and painless to switch flavours, because I get bored easily.
I usually stick them in a pocket. More often than not, I'll keep the bottle of juice in a different pocket than the device as to not crack the glass of either the tank or the bottle. I run an iStick 50w with an Aspire Triton tank on it. It's relatively compact.
When I am inside, all my gear is inside a Skull Candy headphones bag. It fits perfectly for all my building gear. When I go out I usually just pack everyone in my 5.11 back pack, so many storage areas for it! When I am out and about I just bring my backpack along with me and my mod in my pocket. Extra batteries go inside my backpack seperate from everything else.
Sigelei mod and Kanger sub tank loose in my pocket. No leaks as long as the o-rings are in good shape, and I have enough cotton over the RBA holes.
A hard sided glasses case could work. Put some soft foam inside to keep things from rolling around if that becomes a problem. I got a case from zamplebox when I first started. It resembles a glasses case with a zipper and pocket on the inside for organization.
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