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How do I travel with a safety razor or a straight razor?

When flying, I just pack my DE and check my bag; I typically only take a carry-on sized bag anyway, but I prefer to check as it's a pain to find overhead space on most flights.


I've traveled with both DEs and Straights. The rule is no sharps in a carry-on. You can check a bag with any/all of your gear, but if you carry on, no blades. That said, it's easy to pick up a tuck of blades at most destinations, just don't expect a wide selection.

When traveling with DEs, consider carrying it in your "personal item" and putting it on the table for TSA to easily see. I've even carried it disassembled so they can readily see there are no blades.

For my straights I use a "razor roll" in my checked bag when traveling.

Packing a hanging strop isn't a big deal. Just tuck it flat against the side of your bag making sure to pad any pressure points. A loop of leather or ribbon makes an easy attachment for closet hanging bars or doorknobs.

For pasted balsa I use necktie boxes (Amazon) to both protect the balsa and keep the paste where it belongs.

As for aftershaves, no clue as I don't use them.

Best of luck and safe travels.
TSA agents are highly variable. You can bring a DE in a carryon but they are more likely to search your bag, etc. Expect questions even if you don’t carry a blade.

This means that I am back to carts (UGH) for air travel as I am a 1 bag traveler.
Maybe a singled-edged razor like the Supply? I've taken this razor in my carry-on a couple of times.
If you bring a de in your carry on, just take the razor apart separating the head from the handle and it will be less likely to get you flagged as a razor and investigated for a blade in it or not. I've done this for a while now and they've never even looked at it. I wrap the head and base plate in a napkin as well as a second base plate and place it all inside a pill bottle along with the handle. This way it looks nothing like a razor at all. No T shape to look for. A brush goes into a pill bottle as well with some holes drilled in it. Soaps in small screw top containers. A plastic salsa bowl to lather in and a small bottle of aftershave balm in the dopp bag as well.
That's what I'm talking about
I generally check a bag, so I have my travel kit - 2 leather travel razor cases with a spare tuck of blades, 2 replaceable safety razors (probably Merkur safety bar and Baili safety bar given my current collection), a small tube of cream, a small container of shaving soap, and a brush in a travel container (a leather shaving brush roll would be a better way of letting it dry). My current travel brush will be a Cashmere or SynBad from APShaveCo.
For pasted balsa I use necktie boxes (Amazon) to both protect the balsa and keep the paste where it belongs.
Nice idea. Now, I just need to find travel cases for DE razor and shaving brush and a razor roll for my straight razors.

What about shaving bowl and shaving soap for travel?
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