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How do I restore Ivory scales?

Ok, as some of you have seen I got a bunch of straights when I was home in Sweden last. One of them was a C.V. Heljestrand Frameback with Ivory scales.

The scales look mostly fine, with maybe one or two scratches, but mainly just dirt that seem to clean off easily. Sonce this is my first ivory restore I wanted to ask the skilled people here how to best take care of it? My initial thought would be to first wash it with some light detergent, then if needed a very fine grit wet sandpaper - maybe 1500 or so to remove the scratches if not too deep.
After that id polish with Autosol and polish of with Turtle car wax. Wel car wax is not the sexiest out there, but I found it to work well, and the challenge of finding good materials here in HongKong is not to be underestimated - at some times I feel like Alice...
Tooth paste. It's an old trick for cleaning up ivory piano keys so I don't see why it wouldn't work on razor scales
And add some pipe cleaners for inside the scales!! Toothpastes are really nice and both they and MAAS wash free of any residue.
Local grocery usually has them.
Milady probably has some neat stuff too!:

The red tipped thingies are cuticle sticks and both the plastic and wood ones do a great job near the stabilizers and don't scratch. A pencil erasers works great too.
The multicolored nail boards have four different micromesh type abrasives and will work great for plastic and naturals up to about a6K grit in four steps.
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