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How did you come here?

My eldest son gave me a Gillette Slim for my birthday and I came upon B&B after a search on Google.
Years ago I had collected a few vintage razors I bought at antique stores just for fun. didn't really plan on using them until I discovered online forums like this one. So I bought some blades and creams and soaps and learned how to shave with them. Oh, and brushes too...... I'll never look back to using the overpriced cartridges that Procter and Gamble is currently marketing.
I was in bed catching up on Twitter, and an advert came up in my feed for a subscription shaving service. I was interested as I've always wet shaved, so I followed the link. When I saw what they wanted to charge per month, I thought: "I've had enough, everybody's is taking the mickey, there must be a better way". Before I settled down to sleep, I had realised that traditional wet shaving was alive and well, had found B&B, and had ordered my Mühle R89. Eighteen months and almost as many razors later, I'm still loving the whole experience, and B&B is my first port of call for knowledge, advice, sharing experiences, and on-line camaraderie on all things shaving and more besides.
My son pointed me here. He became interested in wet shaving from a friend. It makes me smile when I google something shaving related, and most links point me right back here.
I was looking at some shaving gear and reading the reviews of the product and someone mentioned B&B. I checked out this site and found it interesting.
Back in 09, I got sick of the overpriced P&G equipment and was on mission to seek a sustainable alternative that was cheaper. Stumbled across B&B and boy was I wrong!!!
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