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How Did the Three Pass Shave Originate? One or Two Passes Were Standard Historically.

When I first started shaving with disposables and cartridges, as well as DE razors later on, I’d do one pass with the grain then a cleanup going in all directions. Never did 3 passes until I stumbled upon the DE shaving online realm. Was looking into ordering blades in bulk online when I got sick of the prices of the locally available 5 and 10 packs going up. So I started searching for reviews for an idea of what to get, wanted to try different blades than the locally available blades: Gillette Silver Blues, Feathers, Derby Extras, Personna Blues, and Van Der Hagens. No complaints on those blades I just became fascinated with how many other options there were I had no idea.

So while searching for blade reviews I came across a YouTube video featuring the 3 pass shave. Dude had enough lather in his mug left over for a good week’s worth of shaves. Looked like he was enjoying it, so I started doing the 3 pass shave and it provided good results and all that but I’ve come to believe a full XTG pass for me is not needed. So lately I’ve been doing 2 full passes then a quick cleanup. First pass WTG, rinse, reapply soap or cream, second pass ATG. Then I rinse again and do a quick cleanup using nothing but water and the residual slickness left from the cream ir soap and making sure my face is wet where I shave. I’ll go with, across, or against the grain maybe a J hook here and there in stubborn areas for the quick cleanup. The results are just good as I get with a full 3 passes, speeds things along too. However, if I were to skip several days of shaving I’d probably reinstate that XTG. But I typically shave daily, so one WTG and one ATG has worked well on 24 hr beard growth.
In my younger days I used to read Playboy magazine - for the articles of course :001_rolle - and I'm pretty sure there was a "how to" on wet shaving for that BBS smooth face before a date - it had the multiple passes starting WTG and ending with ATG. But I don't remember what year or the details of the process (I was probably using an electric razor in those days). I'm thinking it was in the 70's or 80's though.

There was also an article I remember about making the perfect french fries that involved soaking the cut potatoes in cold water in the fridge overnight (just like people say to break in a boar brush now) and then individually wrapping each potato strip in paper towel before deep frying them.

I'm probably the only guy in history who ever read the articles in that magazine :letterk1:
I only run a second pass on my cheeks for whatever reason I've landed on. I can shave everything relatively well in a single pass except the middle of my cheeks and toward my 'burns'. That really only takes a second though so basically it's a one really good pass and then a feel around. At first, however long ago I found this place, I got a little obsessed with multi passes and extra smooth shaves but then I realized no matter how good the shave is you're only doing it again tomorrow anyway. A single pass with a feel around for bad spots is the best way to go for me, no risk of irritation and basically the same result in appearance anyway.
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