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How Did Katie Do ???

Anyone watch Katie Couric on the CBS evening news ??? What did you think ???

I misses it...was she "perky" ??? Did she talk like Walter Cronkite ???

Somebody fill me in...

mark the shoeshine boy
She sounded like Edward R. Murrow and unfortunately she mispronounced a few words, but that's to be expected.
I missed it also. I was a BIG Walter fan, never cared for Dan Rather. The mis-pronounced words comments reminds me of a telecast years ago. Jim Nantz, now the bigtime PGA announcer for CBS, was on the local station KSL. His first night, he was hit with a host of local cities and schools that are NOT pronounced as they appear. Good ole Jim missed them all!



Stjynnkii membörd dummpsjterd
What do I know? I've got a face for radio and a voice for print.:lol:
As with all news anymore, I tuned in for about a minute and almost chucked my dinner. The news is not reporting anymore. I guess she did OK for the minute I watched.
Andrea Peyser's column in todays NY Post described it as "watching a colonoscopy". I saw 20 seconds and tuned out.:001_wub:
av8or234 said:
If we're going that route, how about Rudi Baktihar(sp)?? she used to be on headline news in the mornings. :biggrin: :biggrin:

Christi Paul
Rudi Bakthiar
Robin Mead
Rebecca Quick
Pretty much all the women on the weather channel.

Just to name a few.
Mark, at first, when I read the title, I thought you were talking about Katie Holmes because her and Toms baby were "outed" yesterday. Then my next thought was, she could do better.
Proof to say that the old adage, "Beautiful people make Ugly babies," continues to be proven true time and time again.

I just can't stop thinking about Anchor Man when I watch the news anymore. I get the feeling that if someone wrote something odd on a teleprompter they'd just read it and go on.
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