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How deep is a La Toya Manatiales tub?

I have a tub of Manantiales that I like to use sometimes. The soap still reaches almost half way up the height of the tub. I’m wondering where the bottom is? Anyone run one of these out recently and remember where it started to thin out?
Good idea - the stabbing routine sounds like a good way to go. The alternative is just to plough on and see where it ends but that seems too existential even for my tastes.


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The depth from the bowl rim here to the bottom is around 70 mm or 2 1/2 inches around the edges - been so long since I put the puck in can't recall if the wood bottom is flat .. but thanks for the prompting - used mine today


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I've always love the charming packaging of this soap. In that sense, it reminds me of La Savonniere du Moulin's packaging, although this is obviously much more durable and practical.
WOW! That's a blast from the past. I bought one of those in 2012. I didn't want to ruin the bowl and sliced about an inch, or less, off the top into another container. I had a bazillion soaps at the time and sold the bowl to another member in 2013 after it was discontinued. A good soap, but I mourn the loss of other soaps (SRD) more.
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