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How complicated is your shave?

I got this:

1. Shower
2. Hot towel
3. Jack Black Beard Lube
4. Fill scuttle with hot water, soak brush
5. Lather in scuttle
6. Apply Lather, first pass
7. Rinse, Jack Black Beard Lube
8. Apply lather, second pass
9. Rinse, Jack Black Beard Lube
10. Apply lather, third pass
11. Rinse, Jack Black Beard Lube
12. Apply lather, electric touch-up
13. Rinse, dry
14. Apply witch hazel, let dry
15. Apply AS

Several intermediate steps of loading razor, unloading razor, breakdown and cleanup, but those are the basics. Repeat the following morning. :001_smile
I like to start with 20 minutes of shave meditation, preferably facing east and on my knees.

Then I prepare for my shower. I start with a quick jump on the scale to see how my diet has failed me for another day. Then, on this best of all days, I put warm water in the bowl of my scuttle and hot in the well, place one of my favorite boars (the SOC) in the water and hit the shower.

I start with a 15 second soaking of the beard, slowly moving my head left and right, as the shower head spray isn't wide enough to cover the whole thing.

During the rest of the shower I stick my face in the water often enough to keep it wet the whole time. At the end of the shower I wash and rinse my face and towel off everything but the face.

I take the brush out of the water and give it two reasonably firm vertical drops, as opposed to a whipping motion. 6 seconds of swirling on the MdC and to the scuttle bowl we go.

The two vertical shakes are designed to leave the perfect amount of water in the brush, but if by some twist of fate I have removed a little too much water I add a few drops.

Then I use a few paintbrush strokes and distribute the lather across my beard area. I roll my lips in, in an almost constantly pitiful attempt to keep the lather off my lips. Then I wipe the lather off my lips with a fingertip and rinse the fingertip off in the sink.

Assuming I don't need a fresh blade in the Wolfman, I roll my die to the next number and start the first WTG pass, rinsing the razor under the tap as necessary.

Assuming it's not one of the rare days when I have left too much water in the brush and created slightly too thin lather, I give my face a quick rinse with a wet hand, dry the hand and apply the now slightly warmer lather for the second pass.

XTG was formerly my dangerous pass, but I'm older and wiser and it goes swimmingly. I repeat the face rinse and apply the now even warmer lather for the ATG pass.

After pass 3 I rinse off the remaining lather with a warm washcloth. Then I quarter the washcloth (fold it in half twice) and lay it over the spread fingers of my right hand, essentially making a webbed hand. With the cold water running I lean over the sink and use the washcloth as almost a shallow spoon to bring the cold water to my face.

I pat my face dry enough and apply Thayer's WH, followed immediately by Clinique moisturizer.

Then I run warm water directly into the scuttle and swirl the brush in the bowl, which slops the water out into the sink. Since there is constantly clean water entering the scuttle it is easy to see when all the soap is out of the brush (and the scuttle gets cleaned in the first few seconds of the process). Then I hold the brush upside down and empty the well of the scuttle into the knot.

I whip the brush about 5 times inside the shower enclosure and place it back on one of the brush shelves. Then I put my fingers into the scuttle bowl and hook my thumb through the handle, thus rendering it nearly impossible to drop, and dry it before returning it to the cabinet.

Why anyone would want to know all this is beyond my imagination, but I do like to be supportive.
It is hard to explain why anyone would want to know most of the information shared here, yet it is still fun and now and then yields a nugget or confirms that others do things that never would have occurred to you.
Soak my brush while showering
Bowl lather
Wet my face
Apply lather
WTG pass
XTG pass
ATG pass
Cold water rinse
Alum block to determine the comfort of the shave or how much irritation I caused.
Cold water rinse
Witch hazel
After shave
I keep a log with all the shave info including the amount of alum sting, closeness, and smoothness while shaving, blade, soap used, brush, razor, lather quality, blade type and number of uses.
When I get the gumption I add the log entries to a spread sheet. I’m months behind on updating the spread sheet.
Wet my face
pick soap and wet brush and get lather up spread on face
get blade and put in razor and lather once more (think the pre lather helps soften a touch but should I rub my belly spin 3x thing maybe)
shave WTG and (then lower neck ATG right away that lower neck part done)
lather up and XTG (mustache area done)
lather up ATG and finish off spots using wet hand to make smoother
rinse with cold water on small washcloth then dry face put on splash and neutrogena cream
clean razor put up/away razor
use extra soap on brush and bowl to wash my hands of AS splash/cream and clean and put away brush bowl
wipe down bathroom sink and mirror (neat freak)

as simple as I can make it but enjoy the process so OK with small changes then just smile and look forward to shaving tomorrow :)
It is hard to explain why anyone would want to know most of the information shared here, yet it is still fun and now and then yields a nugget or confirms that others do things that never would have occurred to you.

Agreed. Sharing is why we're here. Aside from the meditation it's my actual routine.
I can see why anyone with a hobby wants to know what others do
either OH OK I am normal amongst shavers or WOW I am way overboard or OH cool never thought of that etc.

if our forks and spoons are not stacked perfect drives me nuts ! I cant stack our knives or I would :)
that kinda personality maybe is why hahahahah like post shave I relign everything nice and neat wipe off soap container put back but that is not really the flow so much but its the little things being a neat freak :)
Lemme think . . .
  1. Wet my face with hot water
  2. Apply a pre-shave
  3. Lather up
  4. Take a WTG pass
  5. Re-wet with cold water
  6. Re-lather
  7. Take an ATG pass
  8. Rinse with cold water
  9. Apply alum block
  10. Rinse with cold water
  11. Apply CeraVe Moisturizer
  12. Mop up the mess I've made
Jeez, them's a lot of steps. No wonder shaving takes me a half-hour unless I just use gel. Then it only takes me, say, 25 minutes. ;)
Decide on the end result (DFS, CCS, SAS) plus the number and directions of passes for today's shave.
Select the appropriate weapons to achieve that result.
Load blade in razor.
Take pics.
Load brush.
Build lather (I mostly bowl lather).
Splash water on my face.
Apply lather.
Pass #1.
Cold water rinse.
Apply lather.
Pass #2.
Cold water rinse.
Apply lather.
Pass #3.
Cold water rinse.
Apply lather (if needed).
Pass #4 (if needed).
Cold water rinse.
Apply lather for touchups/buffing.
Touchups/buffing "pass".
Cold water rinse.
Alum (if needed).
Wait 5 minutes (if alum applied).
Cold water rinse (if alum applied).
Dry face.
Apply Aftershave.
Apply Fragrance.
Disassemble razor, thoroughly rinse razor and blade.
Thoroughly rinse out brush and bowl.

I think that captures the vast majority of my daily shaving steps. :cool:
I do a normal three pass shave but after face lathering for the first pass, and before the first stroke with the razor, I remove my left shoe. If I have nothing on my feet at that stage then I put my right shoe on. I always do the actual shaving wearing my right shoe or slipper, but not my left. That is why I am in the Brotherhood Of Shaving Crazies👍
No, I'm weird. I shower after almost always. I can't remember the last time I showered before my shave...
You're not alone. I've found my shaves go just as well, if not better, if I shower afterward. And I like the ultra-smooth feel of my cheeks and throat in the shower.

Tirvine, about the only thing I do different from your routine is to wait about 3 minutes after face-lathering before bringing the razor into play. It allows the soap or cream really to soak into the bristles and soften them.
I'm pretty much a minimalist. My daily shaving routine consists of:
  • No shower
  • Select straight razor from my rotation stable
  • Rub leather strop with the underside of my forearm
  • Strop razor
  • Wet face with warm water
  • Wash face with Pears Transparent (India)
  • Rinse face well with warm water
  • Apply shave soap (stick) to face
  • Wet brush (synthetic) and face lather
  • First pass WTG
  • Wet face with a little warm water
  • Apply more lather from brush
  • Second pass XTG
  • Wet face with a little warm water
  • Apply more lather from bush
  • Third pass XTG in other direction except for upper lip that is ATG (fool's pass)
  • Wet face with a little warm water
  • If needed, apply more lather where a touch-up may be needed
  • If needed, perform a touch-up shave
  • Rinse face thoroughly with warm water to remove all traces of shaving soap
  • Splash face with cold water
  • Pat face dry with fresh clean towel
  • Apply Bay Rum/Witch Hazel blend AS
  • Dry razor with toilet paper, not touching edge
  • Strop razor on cotton strop lined with natural chamois to clean bevel
  • Strop razor on 0.1μm diamond pasted hanging balsa strop
  • Apply Renaissance wax to razor (the razor is only used about once a month)
  • Put everything away
  • Shower
  • Breakfast
I like to keep things simple and to a minimum 😊.
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