How boars break in

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    Have you tried the latest generation of synthetics, e.g., Tuxedeo, SynBad or Cashmere? The earlier synthetics were Stone Age in comparison.
  1. No I haven’t. I’m really happy with my boar brushes. They work well and I would rather buy straight razors than brushes when what I have work well.
  2. Yes, boars work well. However, these newest synthetics work better. Try one. They cost less than $20.
  3. Goes to show we all have differing tastes that can change over time.

    I'm happy to share my morning shaves with my horsey, oinkers, Bruce and I'm eagerly awaiting my badgers and another syn.

  4. +1 I was scared to buy new synthetic after the traumatic experience with the S-brush. Then i bought Yaqi... A whole new world...

    You are well put in the path towards shaving nirvana, Mawashi! :001_005:
  5. Hey BF,

    I certainly hope so and now that I have a slightly better idea of what I prefer I can start to build a proper brush collection.

    The brushes I see myself having are:
    Omega 11126
    Omega 10275
    Semogue 1800
    Yaqi High mountain Silvertip
    This suspiciously looks like a smaller Bruce.
    SG$ 18.07 | 22MM Synthetic Hair Milky White Resin Handle Men's Shaving Brushes

    I'll add a couple more once I try out those I've yet to receive lol.
  6. Your link points me to Aliexpress home page, where it doesn't show any brush.
  7. I think I’ll add $20 and buy another straight razor instead.
  8. Like many have said, use it every other day and let it sit near a window for 48 hours between uses. I did this with a Semogue 1800 and it went from good to great in 30 days (15 shaves). The wet/dry cycles is the key.
  9. SG$ 18.07 | 22MM Synthetic Hair Milky White Resin Handle Men's Shaving Brushes
    SG$ 18.07 | 22MM Synthetic Hair Milky White Resin Handle Men's Shaving Brushes

    I hope this works BF.

    Same here Steve however, now that I have enough of daily drivers I really want to get something a little more exotic like kamis, large Swedish blades and prettier razors lol. Those need a lot more than an extra $20 lol.
  10. I have come to love the Swedish blades and Soligen second although I do have a couple of Sheffield that are excellent. As far as size goes, my preference is 4/8 - 5/8 if you find an Eskiltuna blade in good condition, get it and worry about scales later. Just search the bay for Swedish brands and you will likely come up with something affordable. Or you could contact JR and he may have some. I got a couple from him.
  11. Hi Steve,

    Many thanks for you reply. I have gotten stuff from Jr before but its unlikely I'll be doing so moving forwards for several reasons I can share in a pm. As for blades, I am in the 13/16 to 16/16 camp as I just prefer larger and wider blades.

    I also prefer really hard, sharp blades as I have the sort of whiskers that blunts blades pretty fast.

    So I will be searching for reasonable Tanifuji and Swedish steel lol.
  12. This thread was an interesting read. I have a Proraso Pro that is breaking in nicely but far from what I've seen in this thread. I just cant keep away from my badgers.

    As far as the side discussions go.... no to synthetics and yes to straights. :001_smile Solingen, Sheffield........what about España? :thumbup:
  13. I get the love for straights and badgers lol. I love my boars but the feeling of a nice badger is something different.

    But, the newer generation of syns are quite different, the Bruce feels pretty awesome when face lathering. Given its price its like a ready to go badger like brush that's cheap to boot.

    I'm just happy to get enjoyment in almost equal from all my brushes so far.

    Happy shaves,

  14. Enjoyment in equal measure... Typo lol.
  15. Sorry buddy let me try again.
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    Both of your links work for me, @mawashi

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