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How bad is your addiction? Who is the king?


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We're all kinda nuts with this hobby, wouldn't you say? This got me to wondering, who has the worst case? Who wears the crown? All nominations are welcome, and feel free to nominate yourself.

I would assume that a bit more is involved than just owning scads (no pun intended) of razors, a/s's, creams, and colognes. No, there must be some deeper manifestation of this sickness that occasionally rears its ugly head.

So, what is it? Do you rob the kiddypoos piggy bank for your fix? Have you come in late for work due to excessive faceturbation? Does your wife dance for you in a guenron bikini? (pictures available on request)

Before I start confessing my own sins, I'd like to know how high the bar is.:cool:


Stjynnkii membörd dummpsjterd
I see it didn't take long for Ron's name to pop up. Imagine that.

I guess Austin gets the first pic of my wife in a guenron bikini.:w00t:
Just wait 'til the B&B MasterCard comes out...then we can track our addiction! :biggrin: We'll all be singing, "I owe my soul to the company store!" :eek:
With The Grain said:
scared everyone off from answering, you should have made the title something where the guys with the most stuff would step right up to compare, ie "post a picture of your inventory" or "list all your creams and soaps" and then at the end you could have pronounced your kings of addiction :lol:

Been there - Done that -Here it is again:

Updated 7/8/06


Plisson 10 HMW black classic handle
Plisson 10 Euro grey ebony handle
Plisson 10 Euro white burl handle
Plisson 12 Euro white black handle
Plisson 12 HMW tortoise shell handle
Plisson 14 Euro white dark horn handle
Plisson 14 HMW horn
Plisson 14 Euro Gray imitation horn/black base handle
Kent BK8 Silvertip
Vulfix 41 real Silvertip
Simpsons Tulip 3 Super
Simpsons Chubby 1 Best
Simpsons Chubby 2 Super
Simpsons Harvard 5 (labeled Trumper's)
Simpsons Wee Scot
Simpsons Major travel brush Super
Simpsons Major travel brush Best
Vintage Simpsons Polo 10 Best
Shavemac 436 Silvertip
G. Lorenzi (Best) staghorn handle w/staghorn razor and bowl
Vintage Reed and Barton sterling travel brush
Vintage Cross real ivory
Vintage Cross Sterling travel brush
Vintage Gustav Keller sterling
Vintage Tiffany sterling travel brush
Vintage Simon Brothers sterling travel brush
Vintage sterling 'frank' brush
Vintage sterling 'unknown' Birmingham Eng.
Vintage bakelite travel brush
Vintage Ever-ready travel brush w/case
Vintage Kent F6C (best)
Vintage Saybrooke (best)
Vintage Gimbel's (best)
Vintage Ever-ready (best (new in box)
Vintage Success Silvertip (new in box)
Vintage Rooney (Super)medium
Vintage Rooney (best)
Vintage Rooney (super)large
Vintage Rooney (new in box)
Vintage Simpsons Real Ivory rebristle by Shavemac
Vintage Real Ivory from billiard ball rebristled by Shavemac
Vintage real Ivory travel brush
Vintage real ivory travel brush (needs rebristle)
Waterford crystal (best) w/razor handle and bowl
Vintage Century travel brush lipstick size badger
Vintage Rubberset travel
Vintage Titterton (super) bone handle. Sold by Harrod's


Lothantique Pere et Fils
Penhaligon's Blenheim
Boellis Panama
Floris JF
Floris Elite
Creed Green Irish Tweed
Martin deCandre
Pre de Provance
Roger & Gallett L'Homme
Acqua Di Parma
Mitchell's Woolfat
D R Harris Arlington
Valobra Almond
Valobra Menthol
St. Charles New Spice
St. Charles Soft Bergamot
St. Charles Savory Rose
QED wild rose
QED glycerine sandalwood
QED original sandalwood
Taylor sandalwood shave stick
EM's Lavender
Yardley Lavender
Col. Conk Amber
Col. Conk Bay Rum
Classic Lavender


Penhaligon's Blenheim
Penhaligon's Lords
Coates almond
Coates sandalwood
Coates lavender
Coates lime
Coates Tea Tree
Taylor sandalwood
Taylor Mr. Taylor
Taylor avocado
Chas. Tyrwhitt lemon & cedar
Trumper's limes
Trumper's rose
Castle Forbes lime oil
Castle Forbes lavender oil
Cyril Salter wild rose
Truefitt and Hill trafalgar
Truefitt and Hill almond
Truefitt and Hill grafton
Truefitt and Hill 1805
Truefitt and Hill lavender
Nancy Boy
Arran Aromatics vetiver
Crabtree and Evelyn sweet almond oil
Musgo Real

Lotions and Balms

Lothantique Pere et Fils
Will G's Sandalwood
St. Charles Bay Rum
BarclayCrocker Vitamin E.
Pecksniff's Aromatic Chypre
D.R. Harris A/S milk Arlington
Floris Santal
Floris Limes
Flris Cefiro
Truefitt and Hill Balm
Fresh skin soother
L'Erbolario Vetiver
Creed Green Irish Tweed
Macrovita Cotton & Hop
Charles Tyrwhitt Lemon & Cedar
Trumpers Coral skin food
AOS Lemon
Proraso pre-post
Charles Roberts lime & green tea

Cologne's and aftershaves

D.R Harris Pink
D.R. Harris Arlington
Floris 89
Floris Santal
Floris Vetiver
Floris Limes
Floris Cefiro
Castle Forbes Forbes of Forbes
Castle Forbes Limes
Pecksniff's Aromatic Chypre
Roger and Gallett Vetiver
Michelson Bay Rum
Caswell & Massey Sandalwood
Caswell & Massey Vetiver
Caswell & Massey Persian Leather
Trumper West Indian Limes
Trumper Bay Rum
Trumper Portugal
Penhaligon's Douro
Penhaligon's Hammam Bouquet
L'Occitane Vetyver
Murray & Lanman Florida Water
Thayer's witch hazel
Thayer's Lavender toner
Thayer's Rose Petal toner
Molinard Paris Grass


Pre WW2 Gillette Gold Milord
40's Gillette Superspeed
50's Gillette Superspeed
Gillette adjustables slim and chubby handles
Vintage Merkur non-adjustable
Plenty of Crappy old Gillettes laying around
Trumper/Merkur faux ebony handle
EJ Chatsworth/faux ivory handle

I also had around 200 straight razors that I sold off last year through ebay and just kept a few. I still have few razor hones left.

That's it!........I think......for now
I've given up the addiction. No more purchases. I'm done. Through. Finished. I cut up my credit card!

Randy (still holding a Rewards card...)
rtaylor61 said:
I've given up the addiction. No more purchases. I'm done. Through. Finished. I cut up my credit card!

Randy (still holding a Rewards card...)

Ha Ha. Now that's funny. :lol:

From the looks of things if you buy one more razor or tub of cream you may be forced to build a guest house out back to use as a dedicated shave den.
Cutthroat said:

From the looks of things if you buy one more razor or tub of cream you may be forced to build a guest house out back to use as a dedicated shave den.

This may be the only way to stop me...........


I don't have that many razors though.
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