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How are those My Pillows?

A friend raed about them so I bought a pair. It's my knee pillow because I could not sleep with it as a head pillow. Neither could Ladydials. We washed one and gave it to a friend who wanted to try it. She didn't like it either.
Not for us. Very little support unless you fold on side under, similar to what the owner does on his TV ads, he will sit his arm down on 1/4 of the pillow to show how the other side holds up when he fluffs. We like TempurPedic pillows...
Tempur pedic pillows are the only ones we have. Unfortunately, Tempur Pedic likes to "upgrade" and discontinue the one I liked best.
Been using a My Pillow for the last few years. It has been ok but I'm ready to get something better. I just need to pony up and spend the money for something worth having.
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