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How are those My Pillows?

I'm a side sleeper so I'd use a green. Years ago someone I worked with said the filling was very uncomfortable.
I bought two. my wife and I tried to like them, but we gave up and sent them back to the manufacturer.

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Tey really are way overpriced and I don't think they are the most comfortable pillow I've ever slept on. The filling is lumpy...large chunks of foam. I have a memory foam pillow I like better in the winter, but the My Pillow is cooler in the summer.
I had My Pillows for both my wife and myself. Also bought them for everyone at Christmas years back. Eventually my wife started stealing mine which was a different size so I decided to give her mine and get a replacement.

Instead of getting another My Pillow I decided to go with something I found on Amazon that had a similar description: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01M0S6LBD/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_Qgo.FbSKDJ3FH?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1

This new pillow was so much better and made me realize the my pillow filling can be very uncomfortable. In short, I think others are doing it better and I would not recommend My Pillow.

As with many things like this I woild suggest you start your search with Wirecutter:
I don't care how much a pillow costs as long as it's comfortable. My wife sleeps on her back and loves her My Pillow. I sleep on my side or stomach and hate my wife's My Pillow. I stick to one or two brands of side sleeper pillows, which my wife hates and says feel like a rock. My sleep-my choice. However, as much as I dislike her My Pillow pillow and she dislikes mine, the My Pillow Giza cotton sheets are the best sheets we've owned in 50+ years of marriage. They are comfortable and hold up well after repeated washings. We rotate 4 sets. Expensive, but we bought them on 2 for 1 sales. Sleeping is a 3rd of your life. Comfort matters.
For the folks that have a MyPillow that I know, they either love it or hate it. There seems to be no inbetween.

Funny story that is not really related to the topic, but I had a nice pillow once. It worked very well for me. I ended up traveling to the mid-west for a couple of weeks for work. I got a text from my wife that said that she had been using it for a few days and liked it and subsequently, I was going to need a new one.
For a number of reasons that product will never enter my home.
For a number of reasons that product will never enter my home.
DITTO... Some serious reasons I agree.
As to the actual quality, had the pillows in hotel room in Laughlin,
nothing special, in fact, quite uncomfortable. It's a rip.
IMHO...snake oil.

Can get much better pillow at Costco, fair price.
Not for us. Very little support unless you fold on side under, similar to what the owner does on his TV ads, he will sit his arm down on 1/4 of the pillow to show how the other side holds up when he fluffs. We like TempurPedic pillows...


I am one of those individuals who looks at the product and decides whether I like it or not. My brother-in-law, who is quite liberal, bought some My Pillows for the guest bedroom. I found them comfortable and bought one when I got home. On the other hand, my wife does not like them. I agree with the poster above who said you either love them or hate them.

If I looked at a companies political contributions and support I would have to list many companies such as Progressive Insurance, Capital One, Target, Starbucks, Facebook, Amazon, and Google, to name a few.


I'm a Lumberjack.
Any product that’s 99% off “retail price” with a code is generally a scam in my book. With the profit margins to fund what they do it’s gotta be some toxic cheap foam.
I did check out the website and admit I couldn’t resist the online chat feature that kept popping up. I must say I really amused myself to no end with their customer service bot.
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