How about a Shavette Sub-Heading in the Straight-Razor Section

Discussion in 'Site Feedback' started by Alum of Potash, Jan 28, 2019.

    Seems like shavette-related questions turn up there often enough. Shavettes and their blades being a sub-genre in themselves, perhaps it might be best to discuss such things as a separate sub-heading?
  1. Personally I think it could both help and hurt. Help in that new threads that about shavettes would have a clear place to live. Hurt in that many shavette threads are about the similarity versus differences between them and traditional straights; or about transitioning from using one type to the other. So it would be confusing as to which subforum to start posts in or recover when thread drift occurs.

    On a second thought I don't think the current layout of that forum is so obviously accommodating:
    2.1 General Straight Razor Talk
    2.2 Straight Razor Shave Clinic
    New to shaving with a straight razor? Want feedback on your technique? Feel free to ask all your questions here
    2.3 Strops/Stropping
    2.4 Hones/Honing
    2.5 Restoration & Razor Making How-To's.....
    A forum for folks to share their knowledge on making razor scales, blades, restorations, file work, etc.
    If one were to simply add a new 2.x subforum Shavettes, should that then also imply that 2.1 should be renamed to "General Traditional Straight Razor Talk" or something to differentiate between the two types? And what about the 2.2 Shave Clinic subforum, I don't think there needs to be separate clinics for both types of straights.

    Personally I think a slightly more problematic issue as it relates to shavettes is the razor blades subforum. Currently found in a layout similar to:
    1.3 Safety Razors
    Where the both single and double edge blade threads are mixed together. Different shavettes use different types, and there are different types of single edge blades which makes it difficult to untangle and organize, but I find that single edge blade discussions (e.g. Feather AC) can quickly get buried in the DE blade discussions. Much less something like a Feather FHS-10 blade.
  2. I agree with the excellent points from @StillShaving
    I think the benefits might outweigh the issues though. Currently we end up using the SABRE or artists club threads a lot between us. It kind of works but both cover a wide range of topics, and both are very long mega threads which means that answers to specific questions get lost somewhere in the past.

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