Houbigant Fougere Royalle

Discussion in 'Fragrance' started by doctordial, Jul 29, 2019.

    I've been rotating this fragrance this summer and I've got compliments both times I wore it from women of two vastly different age groups. The first time I wore it, I think this woman was in her twenties. She was standing next to me and said you smell nice. I wore it yesterday and a woman in her sixties said to me you smell amazing. Wow I haven't had woman directly compliment me on the fragrance I was wearing in a long time.
  1. Ad Astra

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    Yes, it's good stuff.

    I ordered a sample; wound up getting a full bottle.

    I even restored a wooden soap bowl for the same ...

  2. Truly a fabulous fougere that get's me complements from all ages and both sexes. I went the cheap route and loaded up on 10ml purse sprays in extrait strength. At $14.00 a pop you can grab 200ml for less than half than price of a full bottle($660.00 MSRP)...
  3. How long will 10mL last? Curious!
  4. Based on some slap dab mathamatics I get about 70 sprays from a 10ml bottle... As 2 sprays is plenty one of them lasts me quite a while!
  5. For just 14 bucks?!? Wow! Thanks for the information.
  6. Anyone who has this do they have the Apla Fougere reproduction and compare them? I love the Alpa just wanted to know how similar they are.

  7. Not sure if you can find them for $14.00 anymore but even at, say, $30.00 the cost per ml is WAY cheaper than the fancy 100ml bottle. BTW, last time I check a 100ml bottle of the EdP is only about $60.00 in the right place and it shares a LOT of the extraits character!

    My small stash...
  8. I will be looking into this just don't tell the War Department. She vetoes everything!
  9. 10-4 :D But you will smell so good she'll forgive you!
  10. If'n it don't work I may need a place to stay. Look up "mean" in the dictionary and you'll see her deceptively nice smiling face.
  11. Ad Astra

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    I do have the Alpa Fougere aftershave; didn't know they are related!

    Maybe to yes, I'd say. Love them both. Certainly not dissimilar!

  12. If you are interested in the 10ml bottles, I can post a two on the BST for $30 shipped. Just let me know. I'd be happy to sell them to someone that is excited to use them!
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    Congrats Sir Doctordial!

    Are you married/committed??
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    I slapped on the Alpa this morning, having worn the Houbignant yesterday.

    Yes. They are close.

  15. Thank you, good to know.


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