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Houbigant Fougere Royal

Yes. Fantastic fragrance. I am sure it is not like the 1800s version, but it is really good. I normally dislike Fougeres, but this one is superb. Here are my notes from when I tested the fragrance last year before I bought a full bottle:

"The history of this fragrance and this house is well known, so I won't belabor the heritage.

The fragrance opens with a big blast of soft citrus and sharp lavender and then goes into a green middle that also features sage, cinnamon and florals. The base notes of oakmoss and amber round this out beautifully.

I have never been a huge fan of Fougeres, but I like this a lot. The only other similar scent I have liked has been Floris Santal. And similar to Floris, what stands out here is the quality of the components and the fact that it all seems natural/botanicals derived.

I think this is probably too old school to be worn by a younger crowd and really does well with a suit and tie. But it also seems at home for a night out on the town. It is much more manly than it may seem on first sniff as my kids and wife all commented on how awesome it smelled like a man that came in from the woods. Something I didn't pick up on at all.

Longevity is merely average, so I don't expect this to last more than 6 hours or so and sillage is also moderate. At $60, I consider this to be a fantastic price for a modern-classic masterpiece."
Fougere Royale is magnificent in both interations aka Eau de Parfum and Extrait! The EdP is lighter and more effervescent while the Extrait is a deep, rich affair but never heavy. I love them both but the Extrait is a budget buster at $600.00 MSRP. It can be had cheaper but the way to get it is in purse spray form. A 10ml vaporizer can be had for $14.00 with a bit of hunting (I think...No sure what the stocks are like anymore). I loaded up when I had the chance!

EDIT: Looks like the sellers have gotten wise to my tricks as the purse sprays have jumped to about $30.00 for 10mls.
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It's quite nice and one that I enjoy wearing. The classic fougere by which all others are judged.

With any cologne it's best to secure a sample and wear it at least a few times before purchasing a bottle. Once you do then look on sites like MaxAroma and Fragrancenet and find the largest coupon codes to apply.