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Hot sauce junkie

As you may have guessed, I love me some hot sauce. I put it on pasta, pizza, eggs, mac & cheese, soups, chicken, pork etc.

Always looking for new uses and sauces so lets hear your favorites.
Some of the dry spice mixes that various hot sauce makers offer goes good on popcorn, or if you make your own pork rinds.

Then there's always the Atomic Bloody Mary, little spiky hair of the junkyard dog that took a big bite out of you the previous night..
I love Tapatio - it's not vinegar based. It's great on grits and eggs. Sriracha I add to everything, from pizza to my homemade soups.
just had some mama afrika peri peri that was superb - deep flavours like no peri peri i've ever had before. then i looked at the best before on the bottom of the bottle - November 2003. nicely matured sauce.
I use so much of it I buy Frank's or Louisiana hot sauce in those half-gallon jugs. I'm not a big Tabasco guy because it's too much vinegar for me, but their new "Hot And Spicy" is really good. I'll try any and all hot sauces, but I seriously use so much of it I rely on those two for regular use and just try something new every once in awhile.

Some of my regular uses:

Add to generic "vegetable juice" to make your own Spicy V-8 that's even better than the name brand stuff.
Mix with ketchup for dipping fries.
Add to eggs in the bowl prior to scrambling them so it cooks into the eggs.
Mix with Ranch dressing for a great breakfast burrito sauce.

Mix half and half with honey for a great marinade/glaze for cooking chicken on the grill. Only use as a marinade if you're willing to cook the chicken for quite awhile over low indirect heat as the honey will burn if it gets too hot. You can always just brush it on the chicken right at the end. If not burnt, it's delicious: if burnt, it sucks.

As COHunger mentioned above, I'm a big fan of the Atomic Bloody Mary.

Glad to hear I'm not the only one with "Hot Sauce Disorder." My wife thinks I'm crazy and sometimes gets irked at me when I put hot sauce on something she cooked with her usual plaint of "You're ruining it!" I learned a long time ago not to answer with, "You're the one with acid reflux, not me."

I'm sure there's no medical basis, but a lot of people I know who eat bland food all the time (not to avoid indigestion or acid reflux but simply because they don't like hot or spicy food) seem to suffer from acid reflux/heartburn/indigestion/whatever. I started eating hot and spicy foods regularly when I lived in Korea for almost 5 years and am convinced they're good for you, or at least for me.

I would be curious to find any studies correlating cultures who rely heavily on spicy foods and have since they were kids (Indian, Thai, Korean, Mexican, etc.) with their prevalence of acid reflux "disease," which, judging from all the commercials you see on TV, is a big problem here in the US.
I've got to take a pill for acid reflux as it did damage to my esophagus, and I have been eating spicy foods since I was a tyke. My best friend from childhood is Indian and I got addicted to tandoori. Later I lived in San Antonio and are Mexican food for three meals a day, unless I had barbecue (with plenty of hot sauce). It must be genetic as I refuse to believe that tasty, tasty hot sauce is the culprit.

Scotch Bonnet derived hot sauces are a must to try too, by the way. A Jamaican market don't pay their rent at a friend's strip mall and I was gifted a shelf full of these sauces, which I have since used up because it tasted great on everything.
+1 scotch bonnet is a delicious pepper. green scotch bonnet sauces are fantastic and mild so might be easier on your stomach?
I love hot sauce and am a bit of a "junkie" for it. My two current faves are from the pepper palace. King Jolukia and Ghost city. Both are from the Jolukia or "ghost" pepper. The Jolukia is slightly fruitier. I also have a great grind mix called "Pirates Bite". It's quite spicy, but very good.