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Hot Or Not: Shave Cave Edition


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Gents, this thread is about the one item in your shave den that is "HOT" right now (you keep reaching for it), and the one item that you used to be "hot" for but hasn't inspired you lately.

This can apply to anything: soaps, creams, brushes, razors, blades, A/S, whatever. Update as often as your whims change. Which, knowing this place, is oftener than a breeze blowin' across the Front Range. :tongue_sm

Here's mine.

HOT :thumbup:: Arlington soap. It's June, 'nuff said.

NOT :thumbdown: Cella. Just not inspired to use it lately.
Hot: Gem "Guiding Eye" Micromatic - wonderfully smooth shaver for me.:thumbup1:

Not: Any/all aftershave balms. Must be the weather. Splashes feel better to me in the hotter temps.:thumbdown
HOT: La Toja, soap, Coates 1847 Tea Tree & Rosemary soap and cream, Dominica bay rum (both Double Distilled and Lime)

NOT: P.160 tipo duro. I haven't used mine in a number of months. No particular reason, but am thinking maybe I should move it to the front of the shelf, so that i see it more often
HOT: straight razors, Captain's Choice Bay Rum, CADE

NOT: Arko & Williams (banished to the garage to air out some, all the bugs and spiders left!)

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Hot = Mentholated or iced soaps, these are new to me. Didn't know roses and grapefruit could be iced.

Not = Creams. Just not in the rotation at the moment.
Hot: Cade in all its junipery goodness.

Not: Proraso White Tub - dug it out after a while - this one keeps falling in my estimation
HOT My first razor--Merkur 23c long handle, with Feather blades
NOT My newer razors--Parker & Weishi TTO, Wilkinson Sword Classic, and any other blades
HOT: DR Harris Arlington, C&E Nomad
NOT: Pre de Provence anything. All their products perform well, I'm just not as into the scent as I used to be.